Things I Need: Gently Wafting Curtains

I need a wing-back chair set near a sunny corner window. With a small table. Just large enough for my Jane Austen Action Figure, a small vase of flowers, and my cup of tea or glass of lemonade or finger of whiskey. Perhaps it has a shelf for a stack of books. A small drawer for note cards or an adult coloring book and pens/pencils. The chair needs a small pillow embroidered with, "Hairy Legs Are Your Only Link to Reality". And a home made, granny square afghan or a quilt. The window needs gently wafting curtains. Something soft and sheer and pretty. The vase will hold things like snap dragons and sweet peas and roses from our garden. Jane Austen will look on approvingly as I sip and read and remember who I am.

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