job requirements

Currently, here is my work:
  • Grieve
  • Stretch what is tight and release what is bound
  • Sit in the sunshine and listen to birds
  • Watch the oxalis turn to follow the sun traverse the sky
  • Drink water
  • Learn to breathe deep and inhabit my body
  • Drink sparkly water with lime
  • Scrub and wash my dishes and floors and self with lovely-scented bubbles
  • Paint, garden, sew, build, and cook new, delicious, healthy things
  • Drink more water
      and tea
      and wine
  • Shave my legs and paint my toes and wear more dresses
  • Sort through boxes of photos, papers, memories, keeping only that which sparks joy
  • Write
  • Pray
  • Read poems
  • Do our taxes
  • Love my man
  • Sing new songs
  • Other duties as assigned