*tap tap*

... Is this thing on?

So. Yeah. Its been awhile.

I guess blogging died sometime in 2014.

I just want everyone to remember that I stopped blogging before it was cool. I need to get some Warby Parker glasses and start using more hashtags, I guess.

Anyway. I'm not sure why I stopped. The past two years were full, and I may not have had the energy to blog with so much going on. I needed to live my actual walking around life with other actual walking around humans doing the same thing.

Truth be told, I still feel that way. I want to plow through all the boxes of paperwork in my office that need to be dealt with. I want to sew and paint and design our new landscaping and organize the garage again. I want to get together with my girlfriends and go on dates with my husband. And adopt puppies that will mess up all our new landscaping.

I miss writing, though. And while I'm not convinced that ultimately this is where I want to do my writing, it is a place to write. So - perhaps we'll fire it up again, and see what happens.


  1. Duker4:49 PM

    So glad to see you back !!!!!
    I for one, missed you !

  2. Glad you are back. You inspire the socks off me.

  3. I've missed you, your writings. When I don't want anyone to see what I've really written...I write in Penzu, a online journal, supposedly nice and secure that you can put extra locks on. I don't. Any hoot, glad you're back. We still talk of taking a Sunday off and coming your way for Eucharist.


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