fake friday fave five - gettin' schmidt-y with it edition

Well. I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought I'd bust out a list of this weeks faves.

New Girl* - Oh, we are enjoying this show. Funny! Quirky. Sweet. Like Friends,  but with an indie whimsicalness that we find charming. A lot of the bloggers I read were talking about this show the last two seasons, but as usual, I waited til a significant chunk were on Netflix before dipping my toe in. I never know if MM will like the media I find, but he digs it. And Schmidt makes my husband laugh out loud. "Judiasm, son!" "Represent. What??" (I personally crack up at "Parkour!" at all his very specific descriptions of his clothes "My driving loafers!" "My Irish Walking Cape" "My 'mono" (Short for kimono.)) Oh, Schmidt! He's kind of the Ross of this show. I anticipate a Leather Pants in the Bathroom scene any time now.

Rob Bell's current primer on "What is the Bible?" - He was on Oprah's Sunday morning show a few weeks ago and got tons of new followers on twitter/tumblr, etc. most of whom are either not Christians at all, or have only a cursory knowledge of Christianity, or a generic evangelical youth group education about the Bible. So he's in youth pastor mode, introducing people to the Bible. He's touching on a host of topics that are confusing and offensive or scary to people (What kind of God commands genocide???) and on ones that make non-believers scratch their heads (Seriously, guys? Six literal days?) He's talking about all the same stuff that academics like Scott McKnight, NT Wright, Pete Enns, and Christian Smith write about in their books, but in a very easy to follow/relate to style for newbs. A fun, interesting read (when he's not trying too hard to be cool/funny. Still, though, much more approachable for non-academics.)

The Fall-y-ness of Fall - I am in love. This week blustery winds swept through town and stole all the leaves from the trees. Great drifts of them pile up around buildings and bushes and curbs. We drove past a school yard earlier this week so covered in blowing leaves that it looked like ocean waves rolling and undulating across the grass. So cool! Yesterday I drove down a street behind a work truck and felt like I was water-skiing in a wake of leaves. Even cooler! Our yard is covered in tiny leaves, but this morning I found a giant sycamore leaf (bigger than my head!) in our garden. And that's just the leaves. So much fall goodness. Though, we're doing our level best at eating them, the sideboard is still filled with gourds. And until I can make it to IKEA to stock up, the fake candles flicker. We're gulping down spiced cider and pumpkin spice rooibos; and earlier this week I had a Butterbeer Latte at Starbucks. I'm wearing sweaters and boots and scarves and hats. And knitting! Yippee!!! (Fall.)

Pomegranates - Or, rather, my new way of extracting seeds. Man. I thought the Under the Water method was cool. It has nothing on this Whack the Pomegranate technique. Also, the video is fun. This guy is just really excited about getting to pomegranate seeds quickly.

Brined Pork Chops - What a difference! I'm making these for dinner tonight (with squash! and brussel sprouts! yay Fall!) and just put them in the brine.

* DISCLAIMER: These are 20's/30's young adults who party, have lots of sex, and get drunk on a regular basis, and a lot of the humor uses those things as a base. If that sort of thing is rough on your sensibilities, be forewarned and be careful.

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