first post-surgery post: gloriously fall

Well. Hello. It's been awhile. Again. I know, I know. This summer I had a job. And then I had surgery, and I'm just now feeling like I can type a bit each day. It's gloriously fall, which brings out the (terrible) poet in me. The light, the leaves, the air filled with spices and woodsmoke... I can't help myself. So, here I am again reveling in autumn's liturgy.

The cinnamon broom on my hearth and the vanilla candle on the mantle made me hungry for something fall-y to eat. So I'm roasting pumpkins and getting ready to make puree and then cookies. That oughta do the trick, yes?

Tonight, after tacos and Bible study, we aim to carve our jack o' lanterns and watch Zombieland. Well, really MM will do the carving. I will probably just draw a face and scoop guts out with my good hand. And eat cookies.

A quiet evening this time. Not like the raucous pumpkin carving parties of the past few years. But this feels exactly right. Me. My man. Pumpkins. Zombies. (And cookies.)