tuesdaybook - Ektorp! edition

For today I am,

Seeing... A bouquet of red roses. Deep red, and turning black as they age. They look velvety and rich.... Bookshelves full to bursting in the yoga/dance/TV room that we've transformed into "The Library" and later this week will transform again into "The Guest Room" when we host some sword friends from Australia.

Hearing... The washing machine churning away at the couch slipcovers. Yay Ektorp! Just in case the sword friends prefer to sleep on the sofabed instead of the blow up mattress... The soft thrum of the overhead fan in the hallway. It has been most hot and un-fall-like here, and we would expire without our fans.

Tasting... Buffalo Trace Bourbon porkchops and onions (cooked in the crockpot - so tender and amazing. We just did salt, pepper, and a little garlic salt. They are fabulous!) And veggies.

Working... Today is a writing day. Lots and lots of writing. In journals. Blogs. A few non-blog-might-be-a-book projects... Laundry. Bathroom. Floors. Slipcovers...

Reading... I am reading Lonesome Dove. I have never read it or watched the TV series. I like cowboy stuff just fine, and have heard its good, but I was busy watching other stuff when it came out. So far, I am loving these characters. Gus! He's crusty and hilarious. The writer deftly switches POV between all the characters in a way that I've not really seen before. We get to know all the cast inside and out. Very interesting technique. MM tells me the story gets sad soon,  and since I've been in an intense emotional season lately, he worries that reading a sad book may be too much. But, man. I love these characters. Its tough to give up on them. I may keep going and see how I feel. If its too much, I will set it aside (Ah, Mad Men, someday we will meet again.)

Learning... Nothing yet, but I am going to make the most of my recuperation time this fall/winter. I'm ordering some books on Instructional/Presentation/Information Design, and will borrow MM's Edward Tufte books. I'm looking forward to shifting my career focus a bit, and these books all sound interesting.

Creating... I am binding some books this week. And doing a bit of sewing while I still can. I have figured out that during my surgery recuperation I won't be able to crochet, but I might be able to embroider, so I'm trying to figure out some projects to keep me occupied while I watch a billion episodes of Jimmy Fallon.

Dreaming... Well. I'm looking forward to our upcoming vacation. MM will be at a conference for part of it, so I will be catching up with old friends and touristing around a fun old city. I haven't traveled since before MM and I got together, so I'm pretty excited to go on a plane and lose my luggage and get lost driving around an unfamiliar city. :) I'm also looking forward to connecting with my friends and visiting museums and parks and beautiful old buildings. I think it will be more fall-like there, so I am also looking forward to long sleeves and hats. And coffee that means something.

Pondering... Old patterns at work and in relationships. What needs to change. What needs to stay the same. What is real, what is perceived, but feels real, and what is just plain false. What used to be true, but isn't true now. And what is now true that I never knew existed before, but now I have to figure out how to fit it into my worldview. Its all very upheavaly. I can feel big foundation shifts inside and I know that when the ground stops moving, I will be in a new place. Mostly, I'm just holding on for the ride.

Thankful for... Our little church that we've been visiting. Oh, it is good to be around old people again. And to be in this small group of people who seem to genuinely love each other. So much of it is weird and unfamiliar to us, but already parts of it feel like home. We participated in our first potluck last weekend. We sat at a table with awesome old ladies, joked with the rectors, and the woman who received our school supply donation was so moved she cried and hugged me. We've decided to continue on through Advent and Christmas, and go from there. I don't know how long this will last, but I do know that we look forward to going each week, and are bummed when we miss one. This is a good feeling.

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  1. Catching up here...so good to hear your voice, to enter into where you are for just a little while. I can so relate to the old people. (*smile*) and the church and the examining...yes, you always make me feel like I've come home to a friend who truly gets it, who's on the very same pathway. If you've written elsewhere about your surgery, I've missed it, but know that you are in my prayers tonight and I'm wishing for a cup of coffee between us and an hour or two to talk. love to you.


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