rushing the season

The evening breeze has picked up, and the backyard air cools at last. Autumn's coming in fits and starts. Some leaves are changing. A few geese are honking. But the peaches have not yet been replaced by apples, and its too hot to really enjoy a good meatloaf.

Still, I bought a cart-load of school supplies the day before yesterday, and now five tiny backpacks stuffed with crayons, pencils, paper, glue sticks, notebooks (and at least one Justin Bieber folder) etc. etc. sit cheerfully on our hearth waiting to be dropped off at the church. MM and I have no children, and I have a deep love for school supplies. When we heard the call for donations, I wriggled in the pew and clapped my hands and grinned. (See? This is why I can never be an actual Anglican/Episcopalian.)

It's our first actual connection to this place, other than a few coffee hours and the occasional ten spot tossed in the collection plate. We've off and on attended over the summer, but the rectors are back from sabbatical, and this weekend is the Welcome Back Picnic. We are bringing a side dish. And perhaps a gluten-free dessert. MM and I come from Baptists, so we need to hit the potluck thing strong. Wow them with our casserole and our scriptural exegesis, yo.

Today I packed up a few "Happy Fall" bundles for family and friends (bouquets of sharpened pencils, pumpkin spice candles, that sort of thing.) I'm excited for fall, though I suspect it will look quite a bit different than in years past. I have shoulder surgery early next month, and will spend several months after with my arm in a sling. No pumpkin carving for me. :( But I can't bear to not have a party. So I may just host one anyway. I can push buttons on the microwave to make kettle corn. And I can turn on the crockpot to make cider. And if I print out a template my Sweetie says he would carve my pumpkin for me. (That is love, because this whole dorky pumpkin carving thing is all me, and he is such a great sport about it - gloppy pumpkin guts and all.)

But then, I'm getting ahead of myself - "rushing the season" as my mom used to tell me. All in good time. For now, I will make a few last peach cobblers. I will sew a few projects before I lose the use of my arm. I'll order a few books and dust off my library card, so I have a nice big stack to travel and convalesce with. We've got house guests for a few days, and then we get to be house guests for a bunch of days, so there's cleaning and packing and organizing to be done. Time still to throw open the window above my desk and drink the last drops of summer.


  1. I've dived into the season. Home is all "Fall" up! Trip to Amador City prompted it and having Monday off from work.

    1. I love it! Amador is such beautiful country. I don't have fall up everywhere, but I'm dreaming a bit. September feels like the last of the zinnias and sunflowers mixed with apples. And as soon as Trader Joes starts selling those cinnamon brooms... :)


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