at the noon day, I will complain and lament

I woke up with curlier than usual hair, and when I dressed for my coffee date with a BFF I decided to put on a skirt and long johns instead of my usual jeans. I grabbed a scrumptious rumply scarf, and drove off to a new-to-me cafe. My usual test drink is cappuccino. I figure if the baristas can craft an excellent cappuccino, then the place must be alright. But since we went paleo and cut down our caffeine, I'm super sensitive to it. One cappuccino and I'm wired for days. Woooooooooo! So, I went for a latte. Good number two test, and often has fun foam art as a bonus.

Cafe passed the latte test. Delicious. Pretty foam art. Snooty baristas that eventually smiled, though it almost broke their faces. Ha ha. I win, you little pretentious dweebs. Life is full of awesome, and you can't pretend its not! Neener neener.

~ ~ ~

My BFF had to cancel at the last minute (sick kids), so I sat with my foam art and my King Arthur book at my little outside table and spent an hour, taking Vitamin D the old fashioned way, and just pretended I was in France. Sometimes that's the only thing to do.

~ ~ ~

By the way. How much does Guinevere suck? Seriously. Maybe she's bipolar.... I mean, Lord, how many times is she going to flip out and kick Lance out of the kingdom, only to flip out again and beg him to return. Guys. Stop jousting to see whether she should burn at the stake and just get the woman some meds. And Arthur. Come on, man, how clueless can you be?


Oh, I complain loud, but I'm having fun revisiting these stories. I've got several versions to read after this. It just cracks me up that we get all sorts of powerful, inspiring, romanticized tales of Camelot (Crystal Cave, Once and Future King, Lawhead's Pendragon cycle) from these insipid junior high soap opearas. That's really what they are. If these were being invented now, they would be on the CW. There's not a lot of difference between this and Gossip Girl. "You know you love me, xoxo."

~ ~ ~

MM and I had a delicious Nothing Weekend. Philosophy breakfasts and long walks by the river, following secret trails to new-to-us places. Saturday we lunched at a favorite park, watching various family outings, birthday parties, and frisbee players. A couple dudes played some role playing game in the sun. Odd choice for a spring day, but at least they got out of their moms' basements for a few hours. Ba-dump-cha! Just kidding. Best sight for us was some people zorbing. Too cool!

After Outdoor Adventuring we sipped Americanos or Manhattans and wrote and read and stared into space. We had a nice little nerd moment last night when our bartender came up after he'd delivered our drinks specifically to inquire what we were reading, "Thats so great. You don't see it much, but I love to read in bars too!" We all smiled and did our secret Nerd gang signs, happy to know that we are all part of the weirdo fellowship.

~ ~ ~

I keep complaining to MM that our town does not have the right place for us to go. We have coffee shops, restaurants, and lounges, but none of them really have the right vibe. They all cater to 20-something singles, and are LOUD LOUD LOUD. We are old. We want some place that is classy. Where there might be jazz or acoustic something-er-other live music instead of bumping beats or whiney modern pop rock. A place we can get really good coffee or really good wine. A place where people can be alone or with friends, a place where they can work or write or read or sketch. Indoor and outdoor seating. A simple menu of good, seasonal food - soup, small plates, salads, pastries.

It occurs to me. What I want is a European cafe. Or the sort of lounge that are only found in ritzy hotels in big cities. My town just does not know how to do that in-between, both/and kind of place that is classy AND casual at the same time.

If I were an entrepreneur, I would open this sort of place. But I am not. So, I will have to go to Europe, I guess. Qu'elle domage.

~ ~ ~

Also if I were an entrepreneur, I would create a line of lingerie that actually makes sense. With measurements that are actual measurements, not "measure yourself and add 2 or 3, then subtract the second measurement and divide by 9, but only on Tuesdays." And that takes into consideration ALL the aspects to be measured and considered (height, breadth, distance, girth...). And makes stuff in reasonable colors - I personally don't have a lot of clothes that work with a neon orange and lime green polka dot bra - but that are still beautiful. How disappointing to go through a laborious search and fitting and testing and trying only to find that you have a choice of beige and beige with no trim or embellishments or anything pretty. It's like neon orange or nothing. Lame. And don't get me started on night gowns. Or swimsuits. S/M/L/XL just doesn't work for this stuff.

Anyway. I have some peeves on this score, and I had any idea how to go about it, I would make Real Lingerie for Real Women that Makes Sense and Doesn't Suck. I would, of course work with a PR firm to come up with a catchier tag line.

But again, I am not an entrepreneur, so instead I will complain and lament. Or maybe go to Europe where they have better measuring and design for this sort of thing. Centimetres are our friends.

~ ~ ~

Lunchbreak is over. Back to my job search and house work and whathaveyou for the day. Thank you for listening to me complain about stuff. Have a beautiful rest of your day.


  1. I recommend Selland's Cafe. It's the closest I can think of to your requirements. ;)

    1. Yes! We actually go there a lot. We used to get their weekly dinner specials. Love them!


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