thankful tuesday - oh, how i love pancakes

It's Thankful Tuesday, Pancake Day, and Abraham Lincoln's birthday. And a few other days, I'm sure. I will stick with things I'm thankful for:

Pancakes. I don't know why I get so excited about this lame tradition, but I do. Here's a stack of our paleo pancakes (recipe):

Made them crepe-style, and we had them with our friends' Amazing Jams. Soooo good.

MM quipped this morning that I am a "responsible pancake eater" because I make sure that we have bacon and eggs and not just pancakes (sugar) and syrup/jam (sugar). We'll see if he holds to that after tonight's pancakes! (Chocolate with chocolate sauce, strawberries, and whipped cream. Glory!) In my defense, these are for dessert. And though we aren't giving up food things for Lent, we don't get to have much in the way of sugar and whipped cream. So, as the folks celebrating Mardi Gras today would say, Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Lent. I think I've figured out what I'm going to do for the season. I always look forward to this time of year. It makes Easter one whiz-bang of a day, to have prepared for it for a month and a half. The only thing that bums me out a bit, is that the church we're going to right now doesn't do an Ash Wednesday service. Not sure if we'll hit one of the other churches or skip it or what.

My introvert books. I know I keep talking about these, but truly, they are so encouraging. My brain is sparking with all sorts of ideas, and my heart is rejoicing that I was on purpose made in this good way. Cain referenced McHugh's book as well as the work of another author that's been on my list (HT - Tonia). I'm not an off-the-charts HSP or Introvert, but I am those things. It is good to know there are others like me, and that it is good to be this way.

Progress! On becoming unencumbered. On the Great File Storage Revamp of 2013. On the Scarf That Never Ends. On my job search. I feel like the projects and lists and tasks and events and people and unanswered emails and and and just pile up and pile up. They do. But I am slowly but surely plugging away at them. Even if I just work on one thing for a half hour each day, I have made progress, and every little bit helps.

The trick is to not replace these projects, lists, tasks, events, etc. with new ones! Yes, indeed. That is the trick.

Our weird spring. This year is weird. Usually the trees have begun to bloom by now, but that cold snap in January seems to have confused them. Other than the camelias, the trees and bushes are shut up tight. Its also usually grey and foggy and rainy, but we've got lovely sunshine. I'm sure we'll pay for it later, but I'm enjoying these warm days. Birds have begun to twitter away. The crows are scarcer. And our dove is back, looking for love in the thicket behind our house. Godspeed Lovey Dovey!

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  1. Reading last night about the Tony Robbins seminar Cain visited gave me a headache. While I was taking a bath. Reminded me of some mega-churches I've visited.


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