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NOTE: I wrote this yesterday. But The Internet was broken in my house, so I couldn't post it. So. You know. Pretend.

Well. Last week was a doozy. What started out as me getting locked out of my email account turned into us migrating all our websites and email accounts to a new host, restructuring said websites and blogs, and setting up a whole new way of managing our household. Phew! I have a lot of words about that whole process, but for now, I'm going to give you just a snapshot of life:

For today I am,

Seeing... Blue skies and sunshine, through the lightest, wispy haze. Earlier my neighborhood swirled with fog. We had a beautiful and mysterious drive through the park and past the golf course. Loved the look of the trees and fields through multiple layers of mist.

Hearing... Birds, dogs, school children... The incessant dripping of our kitchen faucet. Sigh. Another letter to the property manager with a fixit list. Oy vey.

Tasting... Not today, but oh, I have to tell you. My husband loves to cook. I handle weekday meals, and overall meal planning, but on weekends, he gets to shine. Saturday he made his Fake Chicken Cordon Bleu, and woah Nellie Olsen it was gooo-ooood! He spent the rest of the weekend lamenting that he'd reached the apex of his cooking career with that meal and its all downhill from there. Not true. He'll top it, I'm sure. But man. Delish!

Working... Oh, man. I have projects coming out of my ears. Last week's upheavals and shenanigans exploded my task list with stuff to get done. But its all great. We will soon be a lean, mean, crime fighting machine, people.

Creating... I've been going gangbusters on my knitting, lately. Don't be too impressed. I'm basically doing the same stitch over and over on The Scarf That Never Ends. I only know the one stitch. I don't even know how to cast off. When I finally DO get to the end of this thing, I will have to find a YouTube video for help.

I'm also having fun making a quilt for my newest Baby Neice. So cute and pretty. Pink, but not too pink. Lots of little flowers and such. I have plenty of fabric left over to try and make little stuffies to match. I will post pictures when its all done. Cutie patootie!

Reading... I'm still making my way through Adam McHugh's Introverts in the Church. And MM and I are continuing with Christian Smith's The Bible Made Impossible. Both are good and important books. For my fiction, I've reconnected with the Hitchhiker's series - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

But the real star of the show is my fiction read aloud with MM: Starship Troopers. Dude. I had totally blown this thing off. When the movie came out, the name was so dumb, that I thought it was some kind of B movie or spoof like Galaxy Quest. I didn't know it was based on a book. And I'm not really a science fiction person, so I would not have read it if I'd known.

MM chose it for his next offering in our Cultural Exchange. Holy crap, it's good. Good writing. And while I don't agree with the philosophies that Heinlein presents, he paints a poignant (albeit idealized) picture of honorable military service. I've seriously teared up several times. And my heart feels all soft and squishy and thankful for the service men and women and their families who put their lives on the line. I feel like I should salute them or hug them, wear a poppy... Something. Emotionally, it reminds me of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. (My roommate and I were so taken with Dick Winters and Easy Company the year we watched it, that she got us Airborne patches and we wore patriotic colors on all the military holidays that year. Sentimental.)

I'm so thankful that MM and I do these exchanges. My world is better for having experienced these books and movies. Such different perspectives than the ones I've encountered before. Very, very cool.

Learning... New software. Installed Thunderbird email client. Started using Google calendars for managing projects. And now we have new file management clients for all our websites. And as always, Wordpress is exciting and, um, challenging. Oh, and soon (I hope), how to cast off in knitting.

Dreaming... Of all our stuff merged, archived, filed, saved, and backed up appropriately. Unencumbered! I'm starting to scan things today. Yippee!... Of a new paid gig, and what to do with the dollars that will come with it. Time to review our "To Buy" lists... Of moving... Of traveling... Of adventuring... Of lunch...

Pondering... The digital upheaval of last week was suprisingly emotional for me. It's a new level of "two become one" for us to merge all our files and archives and determine the new systems and structure that makes sense for our combined household. "Us" is different than "Me" and "He". This is as much a spiritual project as it is an administrative one. Wow. Lots to think about on this.

Thankful for... My man. I know. I just can't help myself. He's awesome. And makes great Fake Chicken Cordon Bleu... A clean desk, a clean spare room, and way less piles in general. Amen... Long johns and thick socks straight from the dryer... homemade soup... a fresh table cloth and a white pitcher of flowers...

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