it is time to speak of popes and pizzas

What a weird month. Hasn't it been a weird month? The Pope resigned, you know. And last night in a blitz of pollen all the trees in my town burst into bud despite the dry, cold, weird February weather. I woke up with my lungs on fire, like I'd breathed second hand smoke all night.

~ ~ ~

Today @Pontifex sent his last tweet, made his last speach, and flew off in a helicopter to his new digs. I'm just so fascinated. I didn't even know Popes could quit. There've been all sorts of funny jokes and such. Mostly stuff about him collecting unemployment, etc. They destroyed his papal ring today, and my good friend Jovi quipped that it was good they didn't have to take it to Mt. Doom. (Maybe that's only funny to LOTR nerds?) I wonder at his reasons. And his timing. You'd think he'd wait til Easter. But then, who knows what his prognosis is. Anyway. The world is Popeless.

~ ~ ~

I am in transition, which also feels weird. I'm evaluating who I am and how I am made and what I want from my work, my life, and, most of all, my relationships.

MM and I have been visiting a church and are about to take the pastor out to coffee to grill him on praxis and theology. Ahem. I mean, chat about his life and ministry and thoughts on church and whatnot. Big step. I'm updating my resume and researching companies and setting up networking meetings and praying for a job that can be a redemption of sorts. I am thinking hard about my relationships, and which ones are mostly life-giving and which ones are mostly painful, and how do I shift the percentage of my energy away from the latter. I'm done with chronic relationship pain, man.

~ ~ ~

Speaking of chronic pain, I finally get my hips, knee, hand, back, and even my neck with the program, only to have my right shoulder start hurting. And this hurt feels a bit different than the others, so I'll probably have to go to the doctor, which is a whole nother kinda pain. Pain in the @$%.


~ ~ ~

Which reminds me. 30 Rock ending. I didn't like most of the characters, but I love me some Liz Lemon. And, Alec Baldwin may be a horrible human, but the guy has great timing. Now we just look forward to the new Arrested Development stuff. (I played Boggle with friends the other day. Someone found "Gob", and within 2 minutes someone else was whistling "The Final Countdown". Yay!)

And um, while I'm talking about TV, we know what happens with Downton Abbey, which sucks, b/c we haven't even seen season 2 yet.


They stopped putting the seasons on Netflix streaming, so we have to wait for DVDs and our queue has, like, 500 titles in it, so it's going to be awhile. Sigh.

To speed things up, I'm blasting through Season 2 of Gilmore Girls. Jesse really was a punk, wasn't he...

~ ~ ~

So. Enough about me and my transitions and me and my TV shows. It is time for me to make my man a pizza. He had to sit in a meeting with pizza today and he didn't have a single slice. I'm so proud of him!

So tonight, I'm making paleo pizza bowls. With extra cheese.

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  1. Well, if we're going to be Pope-less, we absolutely can't be Pizza-less. What a great spouse thing (both of you!)to do. Rock on, Paleo Beauty!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Do you have Amazon Prime? They have the monopoly on Downton now; season 2 is free for members!


  3. Hulu Plus has season 2 of Downton. And I think they're getting season 3 soon!

  4. We were just saying for a short month, February was long. Love Downtown Abby! Hoping warmer weather is better for your chronic pain. Although...warmer weather brings out buds and sneezing weather. Happy week to you!


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