hey hey, monday

Sausage soup simmers on the stove, a large load of darks whooshes its way through the Normal cycle, the fragrance of chai steams up from my cup and I write a few random thoughts, which seems to be the best I can do at blogging these days.

~ ~ ~

Lent starts Wednesday, and I still don't know what I'm going to give up or take on this year, but I am Very Excited about Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. :D!!! I know. Pancakes. I'm not sure why I'm excited, but I am. We may eat them for breakfast AND dinner. I tried to make a dairy free chocolate frosting on Friday that just completely bonked, so I may add those in to the morning batch. And we've got the Amazing Jams from our friends port wine and lemon) for the evening batch.

~ ~ ~

I ordered a Lenten devotional from Renovare, and hope to collect it at our PO Box today or tomorrow. Last year we didn't really have a devotional, but started reading The Divine Hours in the morning, which has been a great practice for us. But now that that's our regular thing, I feel like Lent needs something special.

~ ~ ~

We had a fun weekend of gatherings and down time and philosophizing, which we love. I think we could have used one more weekend day, though. This morning was rough. Three days in a row of gatherings takes a lot out of us, even if they are all super fun. (And as an aside, delicious! Man, have we been eating well lately. I had the ribs from last night for lunch today and just about freaked myself out. Wow.) Our evening plan is to do our basic routines and then lay low. We may go to bed at 7:30. Just call us Memaw and Papaw.

~ ~ ~

I interrupted my reading of Introverts in the Church to devour Susan' Cain's wonderful book on introversion, Quiet. Oh man. I was 'yes!'ing and fist pumping and high fiving myself all over the place. (Quietly. In my head, of course.) These books make me glad to be me, which, sadly isn't something I felt much while growing up. And the things I'm learning explain so much of my experiences in school, in my jobs, in my relationships. Researchers are just now beginning to synthesize all sorts of data gathered in decades of studies. And books like McHughs and Cains are great at helping laypeople understand why all those studies are important for our culture. As an -ology nerd, this excites me. *fist pump* As an introvert, this encourages me. *high five*

~ ~ ~

Chai is really not my favorite.

~ ~ ~

I think that's it. I'm excited about books and pancakes and going to bed at 7:30. Yep. I'm an introvert. Yay!


  1. Are you doing Paleo-Pancakes? If I hadn't been eating white flour for almost a year, I'd be excited, too!

    So far I'm giving up celebrity junk food which means no People magazine Nook subscription or Glee episodes from Amazon for me. Well, and then there's the whole Les Mis during awards season problem. I'm not quite as rational as MM, as you well know! And I wonder if I can make a vow I'm not sure I can keep. It's about the stuff that easily distracts me from the heartbeat, y'know?

    Will give me some focus for Cain's book, as well. Look forward to reading about so many that I love. It's really interesting how many close people, including husband, son, dearest friends, and parents, in my life are introverts. xo

    1. They are paleo pancakes. Which, we love. This morning we had paleo pancakes with our Amazing Jams. Tonight, for dessert, we're having chocolate pancakes. Perhaps with whipped cream and strawberries. (Can I get an amen???)

      Good Lenten sacrifices, lady. Those will be tough. Those will probably be way harder than the year I gave up both sugar and alcohol. Yowza. I think I've figured out my Lent thing. Need to percolate for a couple hours before I decide for sure. Will pray for you this season. That your connection to that heartbeat is STRONG and SURE and that this time is life-giving to you.

  2. Amen! Thanks for the inspiration.


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