friday random - projects

Hi folks. Still feeling quiet here. Processing away and working on lots of projects:

~ Updating my resume, cover letters, etc. And contacting references and starting the networking process for my job search. This whole sabbatical/going back to work process has been emotional. In our culture, so much of us is "defined" by what we do for a living. I'm pondering "vocation" a lot these days. Thinking about the things I want/am gifted to do, and how that fits in with our vision for our life.

~ Writing web content and fixing pages, uploading files, etc. etc.And continuing with the Great File Storage Revamp of 2013. We've got a busy weekend ahead, so this project will probably be on hold til Monday, but I would love to have the bulk of it done by next Friday. Should probably do our taxes too, while we're going through and archiving all of this year's stuff. Might as well.

~ Making a birthday banner and little cupcake picks for a friend's party tonight. I'm bringing some of the cupcakes (and picks!) to my own party with the family tomorrow morning.I took photos, but its too much of an ordeal to get them here. If you go to my twitter page, you can see them. Very bright and fun.

~ Making Valentines. And watching Gossip Girl. Oh! The scandal and debauchery! (And please. So much of that has to be fake. The dialog and storylines are for 20-somethings not teenagers. Granted, I don't hang out in the Upper East Side, but no teenager I have ever known is able to spout insightful speeches like that. And what the heck are all these bars and clubs doing letting 14 year olds in?) The whole thing makes me very thankful for my life and my man. Even if we don't "summer in the Hamptons" *eyeroll*. Anyway. Crafting and Junk TV for Teenagers.

~ Researching options for 3 different upcoming events. It's not going well. None of the options we've wanted have worked out, so far. Alas, I live in a town with no Portuguese restaurants or Christian Skate Nights. Sersiously. Is that too much to ask? Same thing with the event MM is planning. Maybe next week is the key. All our files will get sorted, our taxes filed, and our events planned. Amen.

~ Reading. MM finished Starship Troopers this week. And again. I don't agree with the philosophies that he's presenting, but emotionally, I'm still very proud and teary for the men and women who serve honorably in the military, and for their families who let them. I live in peace, because I have delegated peacekeeping to others. I am also proud and teary for my man. We had great discussions during this book about strength and honor and what it means to "lay down his life for a friend," and I see those things in him. He is a strong, compassionate man, who strives to defend the helpless, speak out on behalf of the oppressed, and protect the vulnerable.

Well. I've rambled long enough. Its time for me to clean my house and bake those cupcakes. Fingers crossed that the frosting turns out right. 

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