thursdaybook - not eating the cookies

For today I am,

Seeing... A pile of dishes, a pile of laundry, and a pile of the Last of the Christmas Presents to hand out - all ready to be "dealt with now"... Cold, winter sun slanting through the blinds... a bag of cookies that I would like to eat...

Hearing... A neighbor's dog barking. Incessantly. Frantically. For hours.

PSA   People. Dogs are pack animals. They do not do well when you leave them alone all day long. Those facebook meme pictures showing a dog who tore apart a piece of furniture and the words "I thought you were never coming back" are not a joke. Some dogs really freak out about that. Get your dog a friend or visit him/her at lunch or have a dog walker or someone drop by. ENDPSA

Tasting... NOT COOKIES. Dangit.

Working... Wrote and wrote and wrote this morning. Will write some more this afternoon. And deal with the aforementioned piles. And the backed up email. And file papers. And probably write some more.

Reading... Still plowing through The Bible Made Impossible. We've now began the section offering a healthier way to approach the Bible. Interesting read, so far. Good discussion fodder for me and MM.

And today, lots of blog posts. Including an important one by Kristen Howerton. I have long said that Mark Driscoll is a dangerous guy who is more like a cult leader than a pastor. She links to a lot of descriptions of the stuff that has troubled me and even worse stuff I didn't know about. And this one is even worse. Oy vey.

Learning... About Anglicans. Other than some jokes, "We're Catholic Lite." "It's an entire religion of people who can't use their arms." Some over-generalizations, "King Henry wanted a divorce, so he could marry that strumpet, Anne Boleyn." Media portrayals (Like Dawn French's awesome Vicar of Dibley, or sweet Father Tim in those Jan Carrow (sp) books. Hey man, Lauren Winner read them too.)) And the media sensation over Spong and Robinson and the resulting fractures and fizzures that have resulted. I don't know much about them. I keep encountering Anglicans these days, so I thought I'd study up.

Creating... A few last Christmas gifts and all that writing mentioned above.

Dreaming... A new job... a new house... a Grand Adventure with my Love... It feels good to dream.

Pondering... How most bad behavior has its roots in fear. The opposite of love is not hate; it's fear. The correct response to all that fear must be love. Hate accomplishes only death.

Thankful for... Dude. I had on my favorite outfit and a new haircut, so last night MM and I blew off church and our regular dinner and had a date night instead. We went to a tasting room and got wine and cheese and olives. We held hands and talked and made smoochy faces at each other. Then we walked next door and got fancy schmancy lattes and talked some more and made more smoochy faces. He is just my favorite.

Alright, well, I'm going to eat last nights dinner for lunch instead of cookies. And work on my piles. What about you? What does your Thursday look like?

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