thankful tuesday - yosemite sam

Wow. It's already Tuesday. How does this keep happening? Well, Micha is hosting Thankful Tuesday again, so let's rock and roll:

~ Candles. We've got a basket full of IKEA Glimmas and whatever they call the larger sized ones. (I call them The Big Tealights, which they're not, but people know what I mean.) I've been lighting some every morning as I "wake the house." And we're down to the last of the Advent candles. Love and the Ginormous Christ Candle. I moved the Love one into the kitchen today while I made breakfast and puttered around. Nice little symbol of Love permeating even the dailiest of daily tasks.

~ A sparkling clean kitchen. Speaking of Love permeating even the dailiest of tasks... I had a rough day yesterday. A whole bunch of things conspired with lack of sleep and a frazzly me and it all just was zero fun, sir. Every night we're supposed to do "evening chores" after dinner (dishes, make lunches, trash, sweep, etc.) and I was just dreading them. But if we don't do them, I wake up to a pile of dishes, a greasy kitchen, a sticky floor, and another frazzly me. MM and I usually do things together, but last night he had me sit and read to him while he did it all. Plus, he made decaf coffee and busted out some chocolate truffle ganache I'd stashed in the fridge. I felt so cared for. And this morning, I walked into a sparkly clean kitchen and got to begin my day as a peaceful me instead of a frazzly one. I needed that. Thank you, Love.

~ The Prospector! This is actually from last week, and I can't believe I forgot to mention it - BUT - a friend and I were sitting in my car after having grabbed coffees, chatting before we each headed off to our errands, when a prospector walked out of Starbucks. Seriously - long grey beard, fringey buckskin coat, tall boots, big hat all smashed up in front like Yosemite Sam. Dude! It was so awesome, I hollered and made her get out of the car and run to see him before he went into Whole Foods. (He must have struck gold to afford such fancy groceries.) I'm sure he was a docent at a local museum, but I like to think of him loading up his pack mule with vegan baked goods before heading off with his travel mug full of Spiced Vanilla Latte into the foothills to try his luck. Godspeed Yukon Cornelius. Watch out for Bumbles!

~ Books, books, books, and the month of rest. Oh yippee. We are reading and sipping hot beverages (MM made us Irish coffees and Hot Buttered Whiskeys last weekend) and wearing our pajamas and writing and it is all just what we needed. It's week 3 of 2012 and I've read 2 books and we're plowing through 2 read alouds. My next personal book will be Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh. Ahhh. Three more Nothing Weekends left. I'm washing long johns and thick socks in preparation, as those work for snowshoeing or lazying around by the fire. Amen.

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