thankful tuesday - champagne flutes and poetry

It's Thankful Tuesday at Micha's place. She has a lovely list of holiday travel gratitude and a picture of her dad with a stuffed dog on his head. I have other things:

The continued entry into easy grace. Last night we did chores, ate dinner, picked up Venti coffees (decaf!) and spent the evening talking through Christian Smith's The Bible Made Impossible. (Fantastic book describing how we Evangelicals have elevated the Bible beyond its place and made an idol of it. Yep. He went there. BAM.)

A good morning hunkered down in Comfy 2 (the other comfy chair that we bought for reading - sadly, it's not actually that comfy, but it works in a pinch and was a cozy spot yesterday) journaling through some stuff and thinking and praying and the like.

Breakthroughs. A bit of my soul that's been struggling just sort of... clicked. Or shifted. Or something. No fanfares or angel choruses, just a quiet release/embrace and now here I am. A new place. Very cool.


Champagne flutes. I washed them all up after our Twelfth Night party. Even the kids got to have their sparkling cider in real glasses. All lined up on my table, they just make me smile. Champagne flutes are tall and elegant and filled with sparkles. They make me think of elegant ladies in formal gowns and long gloves. Love them.

Dinner poetry. MM and I have started reading and talking through a poem each night at dinner. He loves poetry. I enjoy it, but have never been the sort to just pick up a book of poems and read. This gives him the chance to experience one of his great loves and gives me practice at consuming poetry, which, I think, will make me a better human being. Poetry does that.

I'm thankful for more things, but a second cup of coffee and my new journal are calling me back to Comfy 2.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Great list! I just picked up a book on poetry. Poetry and flowers and the book is scented!
    Poetry must be in the air. J. Lang. Art class has been studying poems. He just wrote an org. poem for a assignment. It's titled Ashes, Ashes and is about the day the World Trade Centers come down.
    Just like the soul...to move, shift, click in quiet gentle ways. BTW- I am reading a book titled, The contented Soul.

    1. Yes. Just like the soul. Poetry IS in the air!

  2. Lovely. I think poetry reading should possibly be added to our routine as well. What a great way to enjoy words together!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! We've read a lot of books aloud, but this poetry thing is really something special. We both teared up at last night's. Our first one! I hope you find ways to incorporate some into your days too.

  3. Okay, so you named your chair "Comfy 2," which just made my day so much happier. Thank you for that.

    Also, I love that you had a 12th Night party! Will you tell me about how you celebrated? I'm just interested. Any thing specific having to do with Epiphany, or just general eating and drinking?

    And I love hearing that there have been breakthroughs. Happy Thankful Tuesday, Dawn!

    1. Thank you!

      Heh heh. We bought Comfy 2 to go with Comfy Chair, which, in our old house sat in Comfy Corner. (Oh, we are dorks! Bless our hearts.)

      This was our 3rd 12th Night gathering. We're finding ways to connect more with the Church calender, and wanted to make Christmas a season instead of one exhausting, sugar-and-adrenaline-filled Day of Presents and Overeating. Historically, in many cultures the Big Party was on Epiphany/Three Kings Day or the night before. A friend of mine told me that her grandmother/great aunts called it "Old Christmas" and used to exchange gifts on that day instead. So, for us, we spread out our family and friend gatherings over the 12 days, alternating with quiet and rest, and finish it off with a 12th Night party - breakfast (this year it was pancakes), champagne, and games with a handful of friends. The next day, the tree and decorations come down, and Christmas is over. By then we're ready for a new season of quiet and peace.


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