easy grace

We did it! We made it through all 12 Days of Christmas with pomp and good humor. Yesterday, after a rousing Twelfth Night party that lasted til 1:30am, MM and I slept in, made French Press coffee, lit a fire and spent the whole day yesterday eating, drinking, and talking theology in front of that fire. During breaks in the eating, drinking, and talking, I took down the Christmas decorations, leaving only my paper snowflakes and a few white candles. We feasted on rest all day long, and it was good. The last log burned down to embers at bedtime. We toddled off to bed with full and happy hearts.

Now we slide into the quiet, easy grace of Ordinary Time. Already the laundry hums and the soup simmers and I continue to unencumber my workspace and deal with things now. Space and light and breathing room. Amen and amen.

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