connubial felicity

Sorry I've been neglecting this space. It's my birthday month, and I've been celebrating. I've gone out for coffee and breakfast and lunch and drinks and to the theater. I've gone snowshoeing and antiquing and to the movies. I've poked around in bookstores and been spoiled rotten by folks providing me with meals and treats and delights. Spoiled rotten, I tell you!

Thank you, dear ones, for being so kind and generous. You have blessed my kneesocks clean off.


I've also been reading a lot!

MM and I blitzed through Pride and Prejudice in two days. I guzzled water, tea, and honey to protect my voice while I read for one whole day and another evening. Hours. So fun to have him react and really enjoy the story and the writing. He ranted and called Wickam names, and laughed in all the right spots. We've been coming up with ways to use the phrase "connubial felicity" in a rock opera. (By the way, we counted felicities. I think there are 15 of them. MM will try some kind of search technique on a digital version to verify if my count is correct. She does use it a lot. Thither, not as much.)

I blitzed myself through The Night Circus, which is... beautiful and well-crafted and interesting and... not exactly "dark", but... "grey". Even its triumphant or good moments are tinged with sadness and feel bittersweet. From page one she sets a tone of magic and melancholy and carries it through to the end. Interesting book.

I'm in the middle of Adam McHugh's Introverts in the Church. Very good. Very needed. Over 50% of the population is introverted, yet the church, particularly the Evangelical stream, expects/rewards extroverted behavior. This is true of American culture at large, but the sad thing is that this expectation is a) not allowing the church to benefit from what introverts bring to the table, and b) damaging introverted people. In theory, the church is supposed to be where people are loved and accepted and healed, but it is often a place of more wounds. This is a book for introverts, to help them heal; and the evangelical church, to encourage it to strive for balance so that it doesn't keep hurting its introverted members. Looking forward to meeting more.


The theater movie we watched was, The Hobbit. Meh. It was ok. Didn't wow me like the Lord of the Rings movies. The technical stuff was still beautiful and captivating, but I think they're trying too hard with the story. The Hobbit is a fun adventure for kids. They're trying to turn it into another Big Epic of Good Verses Evil. The Galadrial scenes were pretty unneccessary, but her dresses were gorgeous. How fun to float around in one of those numbers? And I really liked the dwarves song, all that deep, rumbly business.

An At-home movie we watched was Two Mules for Sister Sarah. It was cute and fun and I loved the music. Enrico Morricone of Spaghetti Western fame composed the main theme. I love the donkey noise and the slightly Arabic/Spanish sound of the instruments. And wow. Shirley McClain's eyelashes were practically their own character.


I bought daffodils at Trader Joes. Early, I know, but they were pretty, and its been a while since we've had flowers. Christmas and cold weather finally took out our little garden, and I tend to use more candles and less foliage during the cold months. These are sweet and cheerful. Our water is highly suspect though, because the leaves are crisping to brown so rapidly. Its overly chlorinated, and some flowers really react. Bummer, cuz I don't know if all of them will get a chance to bloom before the chlorine takes out the rest of the stems. Fun, though.


I'd miscounted the Glorious Saturdays of Nothing and realized to my great delight that we have TWO MORE! TWO MORE SATURDAYS OF NOTHING! WOOO! We can wake up in the morning and do anything we want! :D

We may want to snowshoe again as I believe there may have been a fresh dumping. Or, we may want to write and read all day. Or, we may watch a bunch of movies. Or whatever. CUZ WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT!


So. That's about it. My life isn't exciting, right now, but it feels rich and full. So glad we're resting up now instead of barreling on through activities. This month of quiet has been a Godsend. By the end of it, instead of feeling like "butter scraped over too much bread" I hope to feel positively SLATHERED, melted, and dripping off the side of fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins.

Mmmmm. Muffins...

Good idea. Rock your weekend, friends. Rock it hard. (Or soft. Some people really like Michael Bolton. It's okay. I won't judge.)


  1. The best! I might have to steal like an artist sometime. "I hope to feel positively SLATHERED, melted, and dripping off the side of fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins."

    Heh-heh. "They slathered each other with connubial felicity..."

    I could go further with the melting and dripping, but I'll stop there. :)

    1. Ha! Yes, please. My MIL reads this. :D

  2. Awesome birthday month! Glad you feel loved and your knee-socks have been blessed right off of you. Hopefully you got some new knee socks for your birthday;). Will have too read the book Introverts in the church.Sounds like a good read. Daffodils, oh boy! I should have some coming up in the yard. Maybe. Have a rocking good weekend!


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