thursdaybook - long johns rule!

For today I am,

Seeing... Piles of dirty dishes and laundry and unpaid bills and a floor that needs desperately to be mopped... a flurry of tissue paper snowflakes dangling on the mantle and the overhead light... colored lights glowing on our tree... sunlight peeking down the hallway

Hearing... Cars and trucks pounding down the freeway... leaves whooshing off the carefully raked piles and down our street... the occasional clunk of our ineffective wall heater... the tick of our broken clock... the thrum of the washer and dryer and the whir of the gas oven roasting spaghetti squash for lunch

Tasting... Coffee

Working... My neglected house needs some TLC today, and of course it's Advent and there's always Christmasy things to do. A bit of shopping and wrapping and secret projecting

Reading... Just finished my Mediocre Christian Fiction book and am casting about for a new fiction piece. I'm thinking of dipping into some literature. Doesn't cold weather seem to beg for Dickens? Or Wuthering Heights?

For our read-aloud, we've begun Christian Smith's book on Biblicism, The Bible Made Impossible. Very much looking forward to this. And, we've decided that in 2013, we're going to plunge into poetry. We've scores of poetry books and probably 4 or 5 complete Shakespeares, but we've yet to read any! So, perhaps the word for 2013 will be Poema. :)

Learning... Hmmm... I don't know. Today is mostly work. But we are going to do some due diligence research into various organizations for our Christmas donations. I expect to learn a bit doing that.

Creating... My house is cold. I think today I will create some banana bread. And then eat it, spread thick with butter. And wash it down with tea. Yes, today is good for baking.

Dreaming... Of that banana bread. Of all those piles gone and in their place, freshly ironed tablecloths of Christmas plaid spread out. Of candles lit and gleaming warmth into my little house. Papers filed or burning in the fireplace. Of dinner bubbling in the crockpot.

Pondering... Like everyone else, I suppose I'm thinking about guns and fear and politics and what the hell do we do next. I'm trying to figure out how to sort out the cacophony of emotion within and without. How to discern which responses are primal/human ones, which are American ones, and which are Kingdom ones. What are my ways? What are God's ways? What ways and weapons should I use to stand against darkness? How do I help heal the broken? How do I love people in the face of such fear? Both theirs and my own. What does it mean for me to be a peacemaker in such a time as this? What does it mean for me to be a protector and defender of the helpless and vulnerable? How do I open the eyes of my heart and see the things I am blind to? How do I walk circumspectly, for the days are evil?

Thankful for... My appliances (even the mostly ineffectual wall heater), my long johns, my scarves, my future banana bread, my man - oh how I love him.


  1. I always want to read Wuthering Heights in the winter. And then I start reading it and remember how terribly sad it is. Dickens is probably a better choice. Have you read Our Mutual Friend? That book is a whopper (length-wise) but boy is it good!

  2. I recommend "The Language of Flowers" and meditating on early spring days. xo and Merry Christmas, especially while snuggling through Winter Solstice with a goateed-tender-hearted-groom.

  3. Thanks ladies! I will check these out. Happy New Year!


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