thankful tuesday, moldy oldy edition

It's Thankful Tuesday over at Micha's. And today, it is especially good to count "Thankfuls":

- My space heater. Oh, man. Old houses. Yeesh!

- Lysol wipes. I try to be all eco-friendly-hippie-style with my cleaning. But its winter. Old house. Mold. Wiping down the window sills with these babies helps a ton.

- Hot coffee. And hot tea. We have peppermint and rooibos (which we put vanilla in) and organic chamomile (which we put honey and Bushmills in) to make things a bit more festive. It is good to have hot things to drink when you live in old, cold, moldy houses. Lately we've been heating up water in our Baptist Coffee Pot and using that to make our French press or tea or cocoa. Easy peasy.

- Our Christmas tree. Oh, I just love it. We both do. Every now and then one or the other of us just hollers out, "I love our tree!" Its just the tiny fake tree that I bought back when I lived in my tiny apartment in Fake New York. Since we spent our first Christmas as a couple mostly at my place, its sort of our First Christmas Tree. We have colored lights and only hang ornaments with a memory or a story or a particular awesomeness about them. It sparkles and shines and makes us happy.

- Ibuprophin. The fallout from last Friday's tragedy for me was massive pain flareup. Sadness, stress, etc. etc. all comes to rest in my jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back. Blerg, blerg, blerg. So, I am thankful for the ability to take the edge off till I settle down.

- Our fireplace. Aside from the extra heating, I love being able to give myself some extra cozy when I need it. Sunday I lit candles and burned through a whole box of wood while I cut out tissue paper snowflakes and listened to Christmas music. That crackling flame just speaks peace and rest to me. Love firepits in the summer and fireplaces in the winter. And because we have no central h/a, we can light a fire whenever we want. Yippee!

- Our stockings. I hung both sets. The fancy, velvet, matchy matchy ones - very lovely. And in front of them, the traditional tiny ones. This year, MM made me embroider my name on mine too. I'd resisted b/c I'm not very good at embroidery. And it takes a long time. And my tiny stocking already had a cutsey design on it. But after all the snowflakes, I popped in North and South and added my name. It does look nice, despite my lack of skillz. And MM feels like things are more balanced. (Only thing is now I want to add something cutesy to his. Maybe next year...)

- Santa's workshop. We are moving more toward making gifts and tokens for people instead of buying things, and I am so stoked about this years project! We did our prototypes yesterday and they turned out pretty good for our first ever try. I'm hopeful that our idea will work!

- I'm thankful for stripey tights and chunky sweaters and my super cute new boots!... for neighbors who put up Christmas lights or open their windows so we can see their trees... for clean dishes and folded laundry and the smell of banana bread baking... for MM who rubs my back and holds my hand and hugs me close and acts like Buddy the Elf when he rides escalators in San Francisco... for a sky that's half sunny/half cloudy behind lacy branches that release the last of the autumn leaves to flutter to the ground.

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