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Hi. Gotta make this quick. Lots to do, not enough time, etc. etc. But, I had a giant mug of half caf during my writing time at Starbucks this morning, so I need to do at least a random things post. And so, a list:

~ I miss dressing up for the office. There are lots of things about being on sabbatical and/or telecommuting. One of the highlights is getting to stay in your jammies or wear yoga pants everywhere. But, man. I love fall. And I love the clothes that go with it. Tweeds and corderoy and wool and cashmere and all those deliciously textured fabrics layered. And boots. And cute shoes. And hats and scarves. And lipstick. I only ever want to wear lipstick in the fall. Today I spied on all the ladies in line at Starbucks to see what the latest workaday fashions are. Cute is what they are. I may wear my fake tweed skirt and some lipstick tomorrow, just cuz.

~ I got my coffee in a real mug today. I always mean to do that, and I always forget. Hoping to remember more. For one thing, their mugs are Freaking Huge! Wow. And it feels good to curl my hands around my mug and feel the steam on my face as I ignore my notebook to spy on ladies fashions.

~ I did write in my notebook though. A lot. These days I'm fired up and tender-hearted and though I sit down to journal, what comes out are essays. Things that need several drafts and may end up here or somewhere. Things are stirring in my writerly side. We shall see where they carry me.

~ Life has been full of projecty, creative adventures lately. Costumes, Fascinators, Layer Cakes from Scratch... And now - olive stuffed cheese balls and dark chocolate truffles. And another book design project, which is not going as smoothly as I'd like. But, there it is. It will happen despite the technical difficulties. We print on Saturday, and then begin yet another adventure: Bookbinding. Just a simple one for now. But it will be a fun project to learn on. Then. If we survive these things - Christmas presents. I'm pretty stoked about our ideas for this year. :D

~ Oh, another creative adventure was me making my own pumpkin spice latte. And I went the Full Martha on this one. First, I roasted a little Trader Joe's pie pumpkin. Then I made it puree. (Well, technically MM made it puree. I was angry at the blender for bonking on the job, and he figured that I should not attempt using the handmixer til I calmed down. He calmly mixed and I added bits of water to the bowl. Turned out awesome. Despite the Mutany of the Blender!) Then I mixed a bit of the puree with unsweetened almond milk and autumn spices (cinamon, allspice, ginger, clove, etc.) and vanilla and a smidge of honey and warmed it up. Poured it into mugs with piping hot, dark, French pressed coffee. Not bad. Although, next time, I want to add whipped cream. Ours needed a bit more creaminess. But - flavorful. And not made from fake chemicals and sugar, sugar, sugar.

~ I made the wreath and decorated the mantle, but I haven't pictures of it all yet, cuz I have two more things to do before they are picturable. Soon.

~ OK. I've eaten my lunch and drunk my water. Time to get back to work. Hope your Thursday is magically delicious.

~ Yes. I think quarter-caf might be a better choice if I'm getting the Giant Starbucks Mug.

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