thursdaybook - feathers and jack o'lanterns

For today I am,

Seeing... Feathers and flowers and tulle (a secret project for my in-law's anniversary party this weekend)...

I'm also seeing 16 place settings worth of white dishes - ack! ack! ack! I have never owned this many bowls! I've had several meltdowns over purchasing these. We need new dishes, and we host a lot of parties, but we want to pursue simplicity, and Jamie the Very Worst Missionary only has two coffee cups, and this is a LOT of dishes! I had to be talked down off the ledge a few times and get all sorts of affirmations ("Are these really white? Or are they that creamy white? Is stoneware OK for every day use? This seems like too good of a deal, are they covered in lead?" In the end I bought two boxes, and called it a day. We're pitching all our old stuff and then some. And starting in three weeks, our dishes will start earning their keep. (They are very pretty. And actual white. And not covered with lead. All is well.)  

Hearing... It feels like a day for jazz music, so I'm starting out with some jazzy stuff and will go from there.  

Tasting... Coffee. Nothing goes with jazz quite like coffee. Except maybe wine. Oh, or a Manhattan... Anyway. I'm having coffee.  

Working... Party projects galore. And housework. I've got 3 loads of laundry and at least that many for the dishwasher - I seriously own a lot of bowls now. So those will be going in the background while I sew and bake and design and whatnot. I need to stay on task today so that tomorrow doesn't find me a giant stressball.  

Reading... Um. Nothing. Maybe twitter. Too much to do for the party.  

Learning... Well, my baking is all paloe/gluten free, so I'm learning about that. Today's projects are muffins and a buttercream frosting for tomorrow's cakes. I'm a little freaked out about having to bake a new thing for a giant party with strangers. Blerg! But - onward and upward.  

Creating... I wish I could show you, because they are so cute! But the be-feathered secret project is for the party and my in-laws read this blog, so I can't post pictures yet. But - this is also a first time project for me, and I've really enjoyed designing these things. :D  

Dreaming... Of November 10th. The first empty Saturday in months. We are staying in our jammies all day and watching movies. There may be Chinese takeout involved. Amen and amen.  

Pondering... My brain doesn't have enough room for deep pondering this week. It's too busy designing and remembering what to buy at the store. I have been thinking about the election, the hurricane, the plight of Haiti, the old customs of hospitality that come forth at Halloween, the origins - both pagan and Christian - of the holiday, the depiction of a a young man coming of age in Sean of the Dead, and about how some people grow towards light and healing and how others just stay stuck forever. So, there's some stuff percolating down there, but it can only come up in fits and starts.  

Thankful for... Jack o'lanterns winking light on doorsteps... and cute trick-or-treaters saying "Thank you! Happy Halloween!"... a fun pumpkin carving party on Monday... winning "best costume" at our friend's Halloween party... encouraging news about my friend's dad... beautiful new dishes... apple pie cookies... a warm home and my husband's love...

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