thankful tuesday - feasting edition

I've set up shop in the Yoga Room. (Which these days is more like the Watch Movies and Knit Room, and that suits me "right down to the ground" as they say.) Pale light filters through the fog outside and the water beads clinging to the windows. She and Him and their Indie buddies sing and sigh and plunk ukelele Christmas tunes out of Pandora. The perfect melancholy sound for a misty fall morning. The morning's candle glows steady. Gold against all the silver.

Piles of laundry and dishes threaten to topple over on the other side of the door I've closed, but if I turn the music up I won't hear. I was supposed to write yesterday, but instead I did laundry and dishes and cleaned my desk. Good things, but I need to write. MM told me so yesterday, but I couldn't get it together. He's right. I do. Writers need to write or we go a little crazy. Too many words bouncing around in our souls. So today I'm buckling down and doing it. "Butt in chair" as Anne Lamott exhorts. I've got a few blog posts in progress, my journal open, my "dreaming notebook", pens, letterhead, and my phone for the occasional tweet. If I get really fancy, I may work on one of my "manuscripts". But for now, let's start with some Thankful Tuesday goodness. Hit Mama Monk for the other goodness.

The Whiskey Tasting. It was a great effort and a big success. We scrimped and saved and worked hard to make it happen and do it well. I'll describe it all later, but for now, know that we had to select 8 high end whiskies, pair them with 7 fancy appetizers (which is not easy), figure out paleo versions of them, test recipes, write a book about whiskey, design the book, format it, print it, and bind it. We cleaned and cooked (appetizers and two pots of Irish stew) and decorated and hosted our guts out. And it was a great night. Lots of laughter and good conversation. Good connections. And this was a donation for a charity, so a couple inner city kids get to go to summer camp now. All good. We are thankful it came off well. And thankful that its over. We're tired. Happy tired, but still. Tired.

A peaceful Thanksgiving. This year was with my family, which is always a crap shoot. You just never know. This year, we rolled well. Tasty food. Good conversation. Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Hugs and good wishes all around. Phew! I'm glad of these good times. We need them. It was good to see my mom and hug her neck. We miss each other.

"We are a family." MM and I have taken to calling ourselves a family. We haven't kids or pets, but we are a family even so, and it has been good to be mindful of that. We are a family. And it is a good one. :)

Walk in the Park Friday. I've never liked all that crazy Black Friday stuff. And thankfully MM doesn't want to hit electronic stores at 4 am either, so we sleep in the day after Thanksgiving and lounge and light a fire and eat leftovers usually, and go for a walk in the park. In Fake East New Jersey, November is the month with the gorgeous color show, so it's the perfect day to drink in the glory of fall. We kicked leaves and kissed under a canopy of red and orange and watched giant leaves the size of dinner plates swirl to the ground as we sipped coffee and grinned. We meandered our way past the Shakespeare theater, through the public garden, around the golfers and all the other families out enjoying the amusements. We ate a mediocre lunch at a little grill. Tromped over to Starbucks for more coffee. And finally made our way home late afternoon. A delicious, golden day.

Pajama Day 2012. A friend of mine's family celebrates Black Friday with Pajama Day. They stay in their jammies, eat food, drink coffee, watch movies, and take naps. Awesome. Love it. We had walks to take and Whiskey Tastings to host, so we did Pajama Day on Sunday. We lounged about in the Yoga room watching chick flicks while I knitted and MM played sudoku on his phone. I made Fake Thanksgiving Dinner, and we finished the night with White Christmas. :)  Perfect.

Fake Thanksgiving Dinner. OK - this was delicious, and I'm saying so myself. We didn't get a turkey this year so I did chicken instead, but everything else was Thanksgivingy: Rosemary chicken, roasted in porter; Oregano mashed yams; Parsnips and onions roasted with nutmeg and allspice; Braised brussel sprouts with minced garlic and mustard; green beans roasted with prosciutto; and my husbands amazing gravy. Dessert: homemade chocolate truffles. Holy smokes. We kept rolling our eye and having foodgasms. It was insane.

We are so blessed. In the space of a week, we had three huge, delicious feasts in warm, peaceful homes filled with laughter and friendship. While others worry about bombs and invasions and government takeovers and try to climb out of the rubble, both physical and emotional, we held hands and walked in a beautiful park under a blue sky. How on earth can I dare complain? How? Gah! But I do. All the time. So. These Thankful Tuesday posts are good for me. I have so, so much to be grateful for. All the time.

Happy holidays, friends.


  1. Love the way you embrace being family! I'm glad you are linking to Mama Monk on Tuesdays...sometimes I have no time, but sometimes I cheat and peek at what others are writing/living. Glad I stumbled upon (ha!) you.

  2. Yes, you are a family! You don't need kids or pets to be considered a family.
    Writing: I was just thinking about this the other day. The less I write, the more I need to write and the more I write, I need to write some more. Almost addicting.
    I don't do Black Friday shopping either (except to buy bread & cheese).

  3. Nan - thanks for stopping by! See you around. :)

    Lynette - those are very good things to buy. :D


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