thankful tuesday with butter, salt, and oregano

Micha is busy moving her family halfway across the country, so she isn't "hosting" Thankful Tuesday this week, but I'm  following her meme, so I'm doing the whole graphic and everything.


~ Mashed yams with butter, salt, and oregano. Oh so delicious! MM and I are begining to think about our first paleo Thanksgiving. No bread stuffing, no rolls, no eggnog, no pies... That just sounds too sad. We can't do anything about the eggnog, but we can figure out low-sugar, paleo/gluten free versions of all the other stuff. Anyway, last night we had mashed yams with butter, salt, and oregano and decided that we need to bring it for Thanksgiving. I can just imagine it smothered with MM's delicious gravy.... and carmelized brussel sprouts with mustard sauce, and green beans and shallots....

~ Tiny pumpkins. It hit 100 degrees here in Fake West New Jersey yesterday. Blerg. But I don't care! It's still Fall, dangit. I've got zinnias to gather into bouquets and the beginnings of my tiny pumpkin collection piling up on the sideboard. They make me unreasonably happy.

~ MM's brain. My man is so freakin smart. And he has read all these things and knows all this stuff about things and events and people that I'm clueless about. He challenges me and stretches me and shows me several whole universes that I never knew existed. Sometimes my brain hurts from all the intense thinking, but it's facinating. We don't agree on everything, which gives us lots of opportunity to talk and philosophize.

~ Calisthenics. We seem to be all healed up from our various injuries and have started exercizing again. I did one full-on, I'm-in-the-army-now pushup yesterday. And five situps on the exercise ball. It was terrible. And awesome. Trying to figure out the best rhythm for us, but it looks like, for now, we can do some bodyweight stuff without much trouble. Finally! So, it's back to pushups, squats, situps, dips, and eventually pullups. (Geesh! Pullups scare me.) We're also using the Rolly Uppy thing that MM made for us to exercise our forearms, wrists, and hands. I do NOT want to get tendonitis in my thumbs ever again!

~ And... The Harvest Moon... crisp apples... hot coffee... new Chucks... clean dishes... fat squirrels running along the fence... sitting on the porch after dinner looking at the stars... fresh flowers in mason jars... holding MM's hand... a fresh crop of roses in the back yard... jojoba oil...

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