thankful tuesday - space heater edition

It's Thankful Tuesday. Autumn arrived in earnest at the Pink House this week, so I must sing its praises.

- A storm blew in and brought great gulps of rain to our dry valley. Hallelujah! It is dewy and drippy and soggy and wonderful. We've fallen asleep to the patter of rain two nights in a row. I'm sure by November we'll be over it, but for now, we are in love.

- The trees have begun to turn, and our new drive through drifting leaves is beautiful. It will be awhile before they really strut their stuff, but for now its fun to catch bits of red and gold peeking out between the green and brown. I'm sure we'll make a pilgrimage to the Golden Tree of the West (a beautiful tree in our old neighborhood) soon.

The other thing that turned this week is our hydrangeas. Remember the lovely blue and purple of this summer? Check it out!

THAT is the color we saw when we moved in. And had no idea how to achieve it. Basically, all we had to do is let Fall happen. Whoopie!

Oh, and check these out too, harvested from our very own little garden:

So pretty! Well, mostly. Ignore the wrinkled table cloth. Instead focus on the cute little pumpkins. :)

- Our little porch bats all curled up against the cold. In silhouette, they look like Batman glaring down at Gotham from a skyscraper, clenching his jaw. Only, cuter. I know I wrote about them last week, but I still just love them. We are hoping they last for the trick-or-treaters.

- We hauled out Little Blackie the Space Heater this week. She's much quieter than my old radiator, Goldie, but its still comforting to hear her little hisses. And to stand near her and feel the waft of warm air blowing against me. It makes me laugh that my husband tolerates my naming things. He refers to Little Blackie now, too. Come to think of it HE'S the one who named the Golden Tree of the West...

- Butternut squash soup. Oh. Love it. The soup is one of our "Game and a Meal in One" dinners. I make a giant vat of the stuff and we set it on the table, along with every spice and seasoning in the house. We each scoop one ladle-ful into a small bowl, add a few herbs or spices, and eat the bowl. Then we do it again but with a different seasoning combo. "I'm doing ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon." "I'm doing oregano and basil." "I'm doing rosemary and paprika." We experiment and play around and taste each others creations. This is a fun one to do when we have guests. Especially people who are afraid of butternut squash. They almost always get a kick out of the experimental part at least.

- Oregano and cheddar biscuits. To go with the soup, you know. These suckers freaking rocked. BAM! I'm getting better at paleo baking. I can't wait to try a paleo version of the apple pie cookies.

- Fire. With all the cold and rain and soup and biscuits, we need the cozy flicker. I stocked up on tealights and and a jar candle in "Apple" scent. I grabbed a firelog for good measure, but we've not had enough time in the evening to use it. My friend Jovi sent the info for their woodlot so we can order a pile of - hopefully seasoned this time - firewood.

- Sweaters. I pushed things a bit and started wearing long sleaves last week, but now I need the sweaters. MM grins and his eyes bug out each morning when he sees me wearing one. "Oh, I like this one!" It's all the same stuff as last year, but its been awhile. His enthusiastic appreciation makes me blush and smile and shuffle my feet. And wear more sweaters.

Happy Tuesday folks. What's making you thankful today? Make sure to visit Micha and read the other thankfuls.


  1. I love the flowers! And the gourds! And the pink house, now I will have to visit more often!

  2. Welcome! Oh. Our pink house makes us laugh. Our landlord has had many requests to paint it. The neighbors even got up a petition and offered to pay for it, but she refuses. "I like what I like, and I only want to rent to people who like what I like." :) Cheeky.

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    We finally fired up our furnace. Now it will probably warm up and we'll want to extinguish the pilot again until we wake up shivering the next time.


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