thankful tuesday - snickerdoodle-y

I have a rhythms post cooking, but yesterday I spent the morning having tea with a friend and today is Thankful Tuesday at Micha's, so I'm a bit behind. Soon. For the moment though, I just want to sit and be thankful for...

~ Our Halloween Bats. I am not a big Halloween decorator, per se. I'm more about harvesty autumn things. I love the rich colors and leaves and pumpkins and hay bales and corn stalks and all that business more than zombies and skeletons, etc. But our neighborhood is really into the whole Halloween thing, so I thought I'd do a little something this year.

The other evening, I cut out bats of various sizes, added a purple glitter accent, and MM and I strung them up last night. I love them! They are bent cardstock, and the curve of the wing makes them dip and sway and spin. Totally look like bats fluttering. They are awesome. And so cute. :)

(Click photo to view larger.) And, note our garden. Rad. Also, I made pillow covers and the table cloth yesterday. Isn't that fabric pretty? Love the purple. Quite a Martha day for me. I even set out a decorative gourd. I know.

~ Paleo Snickerdoodles. Despite the rising temperatures, yesterday just felt like a snickerdoodle day. I had an invitation to morning tea, so I whipped up a batch of Urban Posers. Very delicious and snickerdoodle-y.

And speaking of paleo treats - check THIS out! Our family has a big party coming up and I'm bringing gluten free cakes. This might just have to be one of them. Woah nelly!

~ Roasted Cabbage. I didn't really grow up eating much cabbage. Mom would add it to the corned beef on Saint Patrick's Day, but it was always boiled within an inch of its existence. Slimy. Weird. Then as an adult, I'd have tacos with cabbage or spring rolls or sometimes an asian salad. These are good too. But this last year, I started just roasting wedges with oil, salt, and pepper. So freakin' good. We had some last night with a roast chicken, zuchini, and sweet potato. Perfect.

~ This view. Sunday was a weird day. We were tired and out of sorts and I was frazzly and couldn't find a place to sit at Starbucks. And the park was hosting a church service and the worship team was testing the sound system. And blerg blerg blerg! On a whim, I drove to the river and walked up the bluffs, and saw this.

I sat for an hour or so watching fish jump. (Huge ones! Always just out of reach for the various fishing boats. Must have been maddening for the fishermen.) I saw hawks, ducks, geese, squirrels, and dragon flies. I watched the plumed grasses flutter in the warm breeze.  I watched the slow, lazy river flow under the old bridge. I listened to kids hollering and dogs yelping and birds chattering and men swapping sports scores from the boat launch. Mostly I just took in the blue and the green and the yellow of the day. So peaceful. Lifegiving.

Later that night, MM and I snuggled and talked and prayed and rested. We just needed some peace and love, I think, cuz the next day we were all sorted out.

~ Good Health. I had my yearly doctor visit today, and it just feels miraculous to be where I am today versus where I was last year at this time. My stress level is way down and my body just feels so much better. Our doctor didn't even blink when we mentioned paleo. He smiled and said high nutrient diets are great, and recommended going ahead and adding the weight training in now instead of waiting. He's doing all the blood/urine tests to just make sure all my numbers are good, but was very encouraged to hear and see how much better I'm doing.

Me too. I've always been a healthy, energetic person, so the last couple years have been scary for me. I felt weak and frail and in so much pain. But now, I am hopeful that next year I'll be able to report that I can do lots of pushups and situps and I can use the 10 pound weights instead of the 2 pounders. This is very different than how I felt this spring.

What are you thankful for today?Add a comment. And zip over to Micha's to see what's cookin' over there. (Pictures of little boys in bowties for starters.)

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  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Love the flower beds!!! I didn't even notice the pepto bismol pink:-) Glad you're all sorted out. E.


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