dancing under the harvest moon

We had such a great weekend that I barely remember it. What happened? Oh, yes.

On Friday, I picked up my man after work and we went clothes shopping. MM's lost gobs of weight and inches since we've switched to paleo, and could no longer fake it with his work clothes. He has a fancy pants job that requires, well, Fancy Pants, and you can only add "pleats" so many times before they start looking more like Clown Pants. So, a quick trip to Nordstrom Rack, and he can last a little while longer. I'm praying that we get three months out of this set before buying more.

I've lost weight too, so I got a couple pair of pants at Khol's. It felt so good to have pants that fit! I hadn't realized how irritating my other pants were. I have a butt again!

Saturday, we slept in a bit and had a leisurely morning before heading to the ocean for a hike. Halfway there I realized I'd forgotten to grab my hiking shoes. Since I didn't want to brave the sandy cliffs in sparkly flip flops, we used our Super Smart Phone Powers to locate a DSW. I'd wanted new Chucks anyway, so it wasn't a total loss.

On the way there, MM prayed that we could find the store and they'd have grey Chucks in my size. We did. They did. I was briefly tempted by some blue ones, but clearly Providence favored the grey. Also, discovered that I need a size 7 NOT a 7.5. My red ones have kindof looked like Clown Shoes on me these last several years, and I never realized I'd gotten them too big. The More You Know.

Apparently, MM and I have problems with dressing like clowns.

We hiked all around the sandy, rocky cliffs of a close-to-us beach. The sky changed every minute, fog rolling in and out and pouring into the nooks and cranies of the coastline. Silvery sun shimmered on the water and the mist glowed on the sea. The salty wind alternately carried and muffled the rhythmic blast of the fog horn, the clang of harbor dingies, the call of birds, and happy shrieks of children. We saw lizards, tourists, herons, terns, egrets, hawks, a lone sea lion, and the largest crow ever. It was the size of a mini Cooper, I swear.

Oh, and a snake.

Yeah. It slithered across the path just a few feet in front of me. It was black with a long yellow stripe down its length. Talking about snake encounters, MM and I couldn't remember that little rhyme about snake colors and which one's are dangerous. MM vaguely remembers "Something something black, stay back." And I vaguely remember "something something yellow, Dangerous Fellow." Or is it Friendly Fellow? These guys know.

See? Gonners. We don't know our snake rhymes!

(Yet sadly, I have a LOT of "Ice Ice Baby" memorized.)

We tromped around and explored. There's tons of trails, and I'd love to go back and do more of them. After our hike, we went to the beach and enjoyed the ocean. That spot was going off. Big waves. Double overhead. Tons of surfers. One guy got pounded so hard he broke his board.

After we got too cold to sit there anymore, we headed home. We emerged from the fog just in time for sunset and a gorgeous Harvest Moon. Hanging huge and bright and radient in a purple sky.

We stopped at Peet's for coffee, and they'd turned on their super loud DON'T SLEEP HERE HOMELESS PEOPLE music, sort of a dreamy, jazzy, romantic guitar. So MM and I set our coffees down on the roof of the car and danced under the Harvest Moon. One of our best moon moments!

We have moon moments. Once, we lay on the pullout couch and watched the moon traverse across the sky til it went out of the window's view. We hauled our porch chairs out to the driveway one time to watch a particularly bright and beautiful moon. We ran down the street to catch sight of the Super Moon. And at a wedding recently, our party favor was an eclipse viewer, so we could watch the moon cover the sun. Now and then, when one of us catches sight of a particularly good moon, we'll holler for the other to join us. "That's a great moon! We should kiss!" (I know. We're dorks. We can't help it.) Tiny slivers of moon remind me of Rich Mullins, so I'll sing to MM,
"The moon is a sliver of silver
like a shaving that fell on the floor of a carpenter's shop.
Every house must have its builder
And I awoke in the house of God..."

We made it home, and slept the sleep of good children. Sunday, we woke up and did our usual Sunday things. I had a productive day, but started to feel frazzly and stressed by 4 o'clock. Our house is decidedly un-autumnal in the late afternoon heat (97 degrees???), so we headed to Starbucks for some air conditioning and groovy tunes. After an hour of mellow music, my foot on MM's knee, and a decaf Americano in my tummy, all was right with the world.

And today it is October. My favorite month. MM came home from Trader Joes yesterday with a pie pumpkin. I'm going to puree that baby and test out a recipe for me to make my own pumpkin spice lattes.

Happy Monday. Happy October. Happy please-o-please-o-please Autumn. 

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