cheers to summer

Last night, at 8 pm, MM and I sat on a restaurant patio and raised a glass (primativo for me, malbec for him) to the end of summer. Who cares that the solstice is two weeks away. The light changed two weeks ago, and the nights are getting colder. We can feel the change coming. We've been cramming in last bits of summer goodness the last couple weekends. (Baseball game, fireworks, an afternoon paddling around a mountain lake, coffee in the front porch garden, games of dice, cheese...) I'm sad that we didn't get to everything on our summer list, but the lure of autumn is too strong to resist. So, we celebrate the turning of seasons and enjoy what is.


What is, is:

 - New routines and new attempts at old ones. Evening chores, bedtime rhythms, and morning tasks are all getting a reboot as MM starts a new gig that has him to the office an hour earlier than usual. We are a) not morning people and b) artists, so we reeeeeaaaaaaly need rhythms to keep us moving. Otherwise the trash piles up, we don't floss, and end up running around in the morning freaking out because we have no lunches or clean clothes. And so, we tweak and update and try to create rhythms that make sense in this new season.

 - Organizing and archiving and downsizing. We've taken several carloads to Goodwill in the last couple weeks, and I've got a pile of old papers to burn. We're set to scan photos and are researching ways to convert old videos and cassets to digital formats. Our goal is to move to a smaller place, and we'd like to not haul unneccessary things with us. So, we're doing a lot of talking about stuff. How much do we need and why? Etc. Etc. I'm thankful for fall sales on organizing stuff. Oh, how I love plastic bins!

 - Hunkering down. Two years in to our marriage, we have a much clearer vision for what we want and what it will take to get there. We've got a lot of work to do just to get to "baseline", so we're re-committing to the unglamorous, unsexy work of damage repair and foundation building. At the end of it all we will be lean, strong, and ready to blast off. But right now, its just the daily work of paying bills and doing pushups.


It is also:

 - Using the "fall" mugs for coffee and tea, and cinnamon apple bakes for breakfast

 - A new journal, decorated for autumn, ready for new ideas and a new season of growth and learning

 - A garden bursting with cosmos and zinnias, and mornings cool enough to sit on the porch and enjoy them

 - New books! We finally finished our read-alouds and are excited to start Richard Foster's Freedom of Simplicity. We also ordered books from B&N.com the other day, and shelved MM's Harvard Classics. I've renewed my reading of The Story of Philosophy, and have a plan to integrate those essays with works in MM's collection. It feels like school is starting.

 - New clothes. We're both losing weight and running out of suitable clothes, so we need to do some back-to-school shopping of our own.

 - New projects. MM starts a new project today. We've got a real deadline for a project we're working on together. And I've found a couple of job postings that look promising. We've also got ideas percolating for Christmas gifts, MM has a few woodworking projects, and I'm starting to long for textiles.

 - An autumn list filling up with ideas to make the most of this season's offerings. MM's hankering for mulled wine by the firepit. I'm getting the itch to see apple farms, pumpkin patches, and corn fields.


So - cheers to you, summer. And welcome, fall. You're my favorite.

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