Thankful Tuesday - easy bake oven edition

We're celebrating Thankful Tuesday at Micha's today. Here's my list:

~ A week by the sea with my One True Love. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary by getting the heck out of Fake New Jersey, and, well, heading for The Shore, I guess. (But we didn't run into Snookie and her pals, so we're safe, I guess. )

Anyway, it was fantastic. Cool and sunny with almost the right amount of wind. (We couldn't get our kite to take off.) Perfect days staring at the waves. Perfect nights falling asleep to the sound of them. We stayed in hotels and camped. My Sweetie's first time car camping in a state park campground. (He's more hardcore than me. He usually cold camps in the actual wilderness.) To thank him for his visit, "the Pacific ocean punched him in the face." Hard! A couple guys on the beach saw it and got ready to rescue him if a rip current pulled him out/under. But my man got up again, laughing.

~ Two years with my partner in crime-fighting! He's so great. And sexy. And fun. And awesome. Yay! Seriously, though. He is a gift from God. I still pinch myself to believe that I get to spend my life with this man. I came back from our first date with what I call, "Disney Princess La-La Head". Completely dazzled. And I still am. <3<3xoxo!!!

~ A new system for lunches. The switch to Paleo has been awesome but rough. It's a more expensive way to eat. And it requires more planning, prep, and cooking. You can't just throw a sandwich together or grab a bowl of cereal. And our old plan of eating leftovers for lunch wasn't working. If we saved food for lunches, my man didn't get enough dinner. So now, Sunday is food prep day. We plan the menu, buy the groceries, and while we make dinner that night, we also make a big pot of soup, and grill meat and chop salad toppings. Then for lunches we have soup and salad all week. And I don't have to scrip and trim and scramble to figure out lunches. It's only been two days, but its much better already.

~ The sympathy we've gotten from our friends and family about our tree being chopped down
. We are so sad about this unnecessary loss. One friend (with a degree in sustainable construction) explained all the technical reasons why it was a bad idea to chop down an old shade tree in a suburban neighborhood in our area. And then he called the owner of the house a jerkface. (Yeah! *Fist pump*) I know, I know Jesus loves the little jerkfaces of the world. But we're still sad (and mad), right now. And its nice to see frownies when I post pictures on Facebook. Our people get us.

~ And we don't have a TV, and our Internet is hopelessly slow, so I've not seen a second of coverage. Well, except for this video, of course. How awesome are they? BUT, I feel like I have because of Jen Hatmaker's live Tweeting of the Olympics. It's even better than when she live-tweeted her kid's middle school dance. Hilarious!

~ And for good measure: cool breezes at night... a barbecue, so we don't have to cook inside the Easy Bake Oven that is our house... iced tea on a hot afternoon... hummingbirds that still frequent our hydrangeas... a coffee date planned with a friend this week... a man who is more patient with computers than I... lists crossed off, and piles sorted through, and rhythms, and a return to our little household liturgies of daily life (prayers, shirts, swords, read-alouds...) - these make me feel peaceful and centered...  Amen.

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