Thankful Tuesday - crepe myrtle edition

It's Thankful Tuesday over at Micha's. And today, I'm thankful for:

~ The wind kicked up yesterday and blew the ocean weather to us. After 100+ days that soak into our non-air conditioned stucco house, effectively turning it into a Pepto Bismol pink cement oven, it's nice to see gray skies and feel cool breezes. The wind blows the branches of our doomed tree so fiercely that it sounds like ocean waves. We aren't that far from the sea, but it's nice that it saved us the trip.

~ A good visit with Book Girl that included wine tasting at the fair. I sampled my first primativo, which I learned later is a fancy schmancy zinfandel. Yum. Fruity and spicy and full. Should be. The one I tasted was a prizewinner and $50 a bottle. (Remember, we are in a Two Buck Chuck season.) We also saw baby pigs (soooo cute!) and baby goats (even cuter!) and watched the sheep judging and checked out various diaramas and displays. No midway action this time, as my body is still healing from all its aches and pains. (I am a huge fan of the Zipper. Woooo!) And we didn't make it into the exhibition hall housing my friend's blue ribbon beer. Next time. All in all, it was a great visit. We need more of these.

~ MM and I spontaneously added The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society to our read-alouds. We finished Sunday night. Late. So wonderful! We loved it. Funny. Poignant. A beautiful tribute to the power of art and the goodness (and evil) humans are capable of. So well written too! We love all the characters, but I think Isola is our favorite. I would hug her so hard if I met her in real life. In the words of Kathleen Kelly, "Read it. I know you'll love it."

~ My sweetie has taken to quietly slipping out of bed in the morning, making coffee, and bringing me a cup in bed. There is something so tender about that to me. Mornings are rough for me. Always have been. And as I transition back to work, they will be busier than they are now, the rush and swirl of getting two of us out the door with all our things and lunches and remember the dry cleaning and the stuff for the post office and...  To be awakened by the smell of coffee and the gorgeous smile of my best friend and one true love makes it all better. He is so kind to me. (And he makes really good coffee.)

~ The Mystery Garden delivers again. We have this small tree in the back yard that didn't look like much, but hey, whatever; it's there. The other day I happened to look up and see, at the very tippy-top, pink. It's a crepe myrtle! Of all things. It's just now blossoming out, so we'll see how colorful it gets. It made my day to see that. I walked beneath an archway of crepe myrtle as my wedding aisle, so I have a fondness for that plant now.

~ I'm also thankful for:
paid off medical bills (again!)
our new guest/yoga/dance/uno/TV room
a man who likes to philosophize with me about everything
the stash of candles from our wedding that I just found in the garage
fresh basil
clean laundry
my summer jewelry
clearing out and breathing in 


  1. Duker9:33 AM

    Silly Doo Dah,
    MM and I will be married 25 years this next April and I STILL get coffee in bed as gentle wake-up every workday... Your words evoked gratitude and warmth in my heart. I try and do weekends as he prefers to snooze a bit longer. Married life is an exciting journey that should never ceaseto be new and shiny each day.

  2. I'm glad you got warm fuzzies about the coffee story. :) Your marriage is beautiful, and inspires me. You two seem like best friends and romantic lovers. Thank you for commenting.


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