Thankful Tuesday: European Hot Chocolate Edition

It's Thankful Tuesday at Mama Monk's. Check it out!

 - For piles of books on hot summer afternoons. My reading mojo is back, baby. I BLASTED through my library stack, and tomorrow, I'll get more. Booyah!

 - For hydrangea blossoms (bigger than my head!) in all shades of purple and pink. Lush and full and vibrant in the Mystery Garden. The daylilies are spent. The roses continue, but only a blossom or two here and there. The butterfly bush seems to be going strong. But its the Giant Hydrangeas that win the show, for sure. And not just with me. The things are covered with bees and butterflies and hummingbirds and dragon flies.

 - For a man who wants to make sure I feel safe and valued and heard. He is so, so gentle with my wounded heart.

 - For a man who invents FREAKING DELICIOUS desserts. Last night's was:

4 squares of Trader Joes Fair Trade Dark Chocolate (73%)
1/4 c of Thai coconut milk (from a can)
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
1 juicy orange, peeled and diced

Heat the milk on the stove. Melt the chocolate into it. Add the spices. And then dump the whole thing over the orange.

Woah. Nelly. Olsen.

This is good. Real good. I would actually, leave the orange pieces on the side next time and just use the juice. Because! This thing equated to a European Hot Chocolate with orange! I know, right?? SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! Like a liquid version of the chocolate oranges they sell at Christmastime. We've been dreaming up other versions of it ever since.

 - For items crossed off the lists! For emails processed! For laundry folded! And put away! For clean floors and watered plants and a mostly clean desk!

- For hope. Fragile and fickle and precious and rare. Oh, it has been a long time. Welcome, Friend. Stay awhile?


  1. Your dessert mixture sounds the beginning of a bread pudding minus the orange flesh using only the juice....just a thought.

  2. That sounds good, Lynette. Are you a bread pudding fan? I've had some Amaretto bread pudding once that knocked my socks off. Sadly, we can no longer eat grain products, so we can't turn it into the full-fledged dessert. I think we can whip it up into a mousse, and I bet that's yummy too. Maybe I'll try it...

  3. I am a bread pudding fan. Phillip got me started on it, it's his Grandmother's recipe. There are gluten-free bread pudding, but I don't know if that is the same as grain free. Are you doing rice...it would make a great rice pudding. But of course what you did sounds perfect!


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