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Do people other than me have a problem with the new Costco toilet paper? It's supposed to be awesome Jumbo Tron-sized with plushy velvet or something. What it is is a badly plied, too-soft paper, in rolls too big for our TP holder. Lame. I get irritated every time I go to the bathroom and when I go to Costco. The pallet-sized packs of individually paper-wrapped rolls was a big reason I joined Costco. Our membership is up for renewal in July. I just don't know.

~ ~ ~

A tale of two hairdos:
While running errands in local Yuppyville, I stopped at Starbucks for a rest. As I sat and people watched, I was treated to a casually-dressed gentleman in his 70s, meeting his wife for coffee, talking on his cell phone to his broker, and sporting a red, white, and blue mohawk. Clothes, dialog, car, wife, etc. all matched Yuppyville septuagenarian stereotypes. But the hair... Metal (punk?) hands to you, sir.

Then on the way home, I saw a classy-looking lady of the same age zipping along in a tiny, red sports car. So tiny, that her giant boufant hairdo (the kind that ladies get done once a week at the beauty parlor) was squished on top, giving her an unfortunate Bozoesque appearance. She must have some kind of system to un-Bozo her hair when she gets out of the car.

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The other day, I was wearing my vintage Duran Duran, "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" Tshirt. (Yes. I am so old that clothes from my teens are vintage.) Anyway, other than a vague notion of Andy Taylor the guitarist, MM doesn't know who those guys are. He was pointing to various ones and asking who they were and what they played, when he said:

MM - "Who's the guy with the eyeliner?"
Me - "This one?" (pointing to Nick Rhodes, cuz, I mean, come on.)
MM - "No that one." (pointing to John Taylor)
Me - "John Taylor. Bassist."
MM - "Huh. (pause. drily,) I'm so glad his gloves match his sash."

*This is only funny if you know about Duran Duran, and their fashion stuff, and 80's Brittish pop, and the like. And also, that my man is a jeans and black Tshirt rock/metal guitarist who doesn't go in for the big hair, costumes, fashion, and makup scene.

**So maybe its only funny to me?

~ ~ ~

Our mourning dove is cooing sweetly.
Yesterday, we were talking with friends about the crazy birds in our neighborhood. I mentioned that I like the dove better because he starts in around 9 or so. MM posited that, "He's really more of a Late Mourning Dove." :D

See? He's funny. :D

Oh! And it turns out that the crazy birds actually start up around midnight. We got home from the theater last night (Wicked! MM's first musical, and he loved it. Wooo!) and had to open the windows just so we could sleep. Those birds were at it! All night! What do nightingales sound like? Maybe we have nightingales?

~ ~ ~

So, after reading up at Skin Deep last year, I switched us to Badger Sunscreen. Which is better for us and works great, and all that stuff. But. I miss the smell of Coppertone. That scent holds the memories of a thousand summers for me. (OK, I'm not THAT old, but you know what I mean.) Coppertone, bugspray, and BBQ/campfire smoke blend into the heady fragrance of summer happiness. Badger just doesn't come close. I need someone to invent a perfume for summer that has a touch of that Coppertone scent.

Hey, Bobbi Brown apparently actually made Kramer's idea work!

~ ~ ~

And that's about enough out of me today, folks. Have a fab weekend!


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    D - did you really mean "mourning" dove as in grieving??? I think you mean morning, as in am? Friends don't let friends misspell since they just announced the national spelling bee winner today:-) And you posted a bit ago about misspelling tasting...lol.

    Wild Boys! Wild Boys! You need to frame that shirt.

    Speaking of age, my Hubby "threw himself on a grenade" and surprised me with Neil Diamond concert tickets. I'm still laughing!!! I don't have a problem admitting it'll be more painful for me than my going to Scorpions with him. Love! -jovie

  2. Jovie - Well, the actual name of the bird is Mourning Dove (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_Dove), but MM was making a pun. So, I wasn't sure whether to change it to "morning" cuz of the pun, or leave it. Toss up. (Personally, I think the sound is soothing and gentle, rather than mournful sounding, so I'd like Morning Dove better.)

    I know! I rarely wear it. I was going to sew it into a Tshirt quilt, but decided to just keep the shirt and ditch the quilt. It doesn't have much life left in it, but every now and then, I just gotta fly my Duranie Freak Flag.

    And - ha! Yay for you guys. Sing really loud on Sweet Caroline (BOM BOM BOM!)

  3. Dude! A mourning dove and a turtle dove is the same thing. I'm going to call it a turtle dove.

  4. I totally snorted when I read Tyson's comment. I can picture it perfectly.

  5. Oh girl. I've spent a nice few minutes catching up with you here, laughing of course. I loved Duran Duran, because all the other girls in 8th grade did. I thought I liked them more, but turns out I can only pick out one of their songs on the radio - the one they played at the only dance I ever snuck into. It's probably due to the fact that "secular" music was not allowed at our house - neither was dancing, thus the sneaking - and so I have lots of Michael W. Smith memorized and not very much Duran Duran. I think they both wore eyeliner though, so I'm kind of in the club.

    And the paleo is working, yeah? All these happy healing things going on in your life, makes me want to dance with joy! Yay God!

  6. Pete - he says it so drily. Perfect comedic timing.
    Tonia - He DID wear eyeliner! You are totally in the club. Plus, I was a Christian music dork too. I think I still have my "More Power To Ya" cassette tape around here somewhere. *eyeroll* Thanks for the joyful dancing. This is quite a ride! :)

  7. When toilet paper cost more than a piece of meat, something is wrong in our society!

    "Archival quality"...never that of that....hmmm. Thanks for the tip!


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