thankful tuesday - normal, human edition

It's Thankful Tuesday over at Micha's. And today, I'm thankful for:

- Rocking out my first real hike in three years, without back pain, hip pain, knee pain, arch pain, or blisters. After the last two months of inflammation, injury, disability, and emotional pain, this was HUGE. HUGE. It was gorgeous. And challenging. I felt victorious just for doing it. And other than normal, human, to-be-expected, sore butt muscles, I didn't have pain! This felt like a gift.

- MM scoring a sa-weet backpack for said hike for a major steal! Thank you REI Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Thank you membership coupon. Thank you year end dividend. He loves his fancy schmancy backpack. And he looks dead sexy wearing it, too.

- Clean floors. Because my hands and body have been injured since March, I have not been able to scrub my floors. I sweep almost every day, but old-timey linoleum just gets gross. Seriously gross. MM has picked up the chores that are too hard on my hands, but he's not had time to do the floors. On Monday, MM used part of his day off to scrub them for me. God bless this man.

- A mellow, relaxing, romantic weekend with MM. The last two months have worn us out. Between my health stuff and emotional stuff and his work stuff and just life stuff, we needed a break. And we got a beautiful one. We hiked, made pancakes, took naps, read books, held hands, etc. etc. ;), did house projects, watched Star Trek... It was peaceful and restorative and felt like a deep breath. And we had crushes on each other all weekend. Ooooh. Loooove.

 - Heart-shaped paleo pancakes. I'm thrilled to be finding paleo-friendly recipes. I've adapted a recipe from NomNom to make ours. (Hers seem more crepe-like, and I double the recipe.)
Beat in a bowl:
 - 4 eggs
 - 1/2 c coconut milk
 - 1 T honey (I usually use less)
 - 1 tsp vanilla extract
 - 6-8 T coconut flour
 - 1 tsp baking soda
 - 1/2 tsp cinnamon
 - 2 pinches salt
Cook cakes in non-stick pan, or use butter/ghee in a cast iron pan.

These suckers are so good. So good. And have way less carbs, and way more protein and fiber than regular pancakes. And did I mention that they are good? Dude. We usually eat them topped with fresh fruit. This weekend I made them in the heart-shaped pancake ring. Because of loooove. <3

- More random stuff from The Mystery Garden. This time, some gorgeous orangey-yellow lillies. And, the hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

Make sure to check out Micha's blog for more thankfulness.


  1. I'm totally fascinated by your Paleo pancakes. They sound amazing.

    So happy for your hike and for the healing and the goodness of getting better. Thanks for linking up!

  2. So happy and thankful for your awesome weekend, esp the hike and most especially the clean floor:-) The Lord is our faithful Healer.

  3. Micha - they really are tasty. And I think there are ways to adapt them for waffles, which I think would be even better!

    jhobbs - Oh, amen! He is so, so good to me. Thanks for stopping by!


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