thankful tuesday - normal, human edition

It's Thankful Tuesday over at Micha's. And today, I'm thankful for:

- Rocking out my first real hike in three years, without back pain, hip pain, knee pain, arch pain, or blisters. After the last two months of inflammation, injury, disability, and emotional pain, this was HUGE. HUGE. It was gorgeous. And challenging. I felt victorious just for doing it. And other than normal, human, to-be-expected, sore butt muscles, I didn't have pain! This felt like a gift.

- MM scoring a sa-weet backpack for said hike for a major steal! Thank you REI Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Thank you membership coupon. Thank you year end dividend. He loves his fancy schmancy backpack. And he looks dead sexy wearing it, too.

- Clean floors. Because my hands and body have been injured since March, I have not been able to scrub my floors. I sweep almost every day, but old-timey linoleum just gets gross. Seriously gross. MM has picked up the chores that are too hard on my hands, but he's not had time to do the floors. On Monday, MM used part of his day off to scrub them for me. God bless this man.

- A mellow, relaxing, romantic weekend with MM. The last two months have worn us out. Between my health stuff and emotional stuff and his work stuff and just life stuff, we needed a break. And we got a beautiful one. We hiked, made pancakes, took naps, read books, held hands, etc. etc. ;), did house projects, watched Star Trek... It was peaceful and restorative and felt like a deep breath. And we had crushes on each other all weekend. Ooooh. Loooove.

 - Heart-shaped paleo pancakes. I'm thrilled to be finding paleo-friendly recipes. I've adapted a recipe from NomNom to make ours. (Hers seem more crepe-like, and I double the recipe.)
Beat in a bowl:
 - 4 eggs
 - 1/2 c coconut milk
 - 1 T honey (I usually use less)
 - 1 tsp vanilla extract
 - 6-8 T coconut flour
 - 1 tsp baking soda
 - 1/2 tsp cinnamon
 - 2 pinches salt
Cook cakes in non-stick pan, or use butter/ghee in a cast iron pan.

These suckers are so good. So good. And have way less carbs, and way more protein and fiber than regular pancakes. And did I mention that they are good? Dude. We usually eat them topped with fresh fruit. This weekend I made them in the heart-shaped pancake ring. Because of loooove. <3

- More random stuff from The Mystery Garden. This time, some gorgeous orangey-yellow lillies. And, the hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

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thankful tuesday - action pants edition

Linking up with (the completely fabulous) Mama Monk on Thankful Tuesday.

~ MM and I holding hands while we sleep. I just get the biggest kick out of waking up holding his hand.

~ An extra hour of sleep filled with goofy dreams this morning while MM showered. I always feel guilty for getting extra sleep, while my man gets ready for work. He thinks its awesome. I'm finally resting, which is what he wanted me to do last year. (I'm not good at taking sabbaticals.) Every morning he'd urge me to sleep in or take a nap. "No, no. I have things to do." Now? "Okay. Zzzzzzzz" It is good. (And he is wonderful.)

~ Hot coffee and scrambled eggs on the patio, watching the sun peek through the trees and listening to those crazy early morning birds. A slow, easy morning.

~ The gentle cooing of our dove amidst all the bird chatter.

~ Linen "action pants" and a long-sleeved T and flip flops with a bit of sparkle on them (and the right weather to wear it all).

~ This video. BEWARE: There are a couple cusswords and one of the actors flips off the camera. And its probably only funny if you were a geek/nerd/dork in high school and know something of the Internet celebrity/geek world of today. So. Be careful out there.

~ Discovering lots of recipes for paleo pancakes and waffles and cookies, and even cinnamon rolls. It is good to know that Philosophy Breakfast and Christmas morning and Rainy Afternoon Baking can still happen in this new world. Phew!

~ Finally finishing Salt! I know, right. That took forever. But I'm on a roll, baby. Of that giant list of books, I now have The Other Tudors, Pain Free, and The Story of Philosophy. MM and I are halfway through each of our books. A race to the finish! Nah. Dallas Willard will take the longest.  Who am I kidding. Anyway - this just feels like a victory, of sorts. Yay!

~ This: Heal me, O LORD, for my bones are troubled. My soul is also greatly troubled. But you O LORD - how long? (Ps6:2b-3) and other verses that comfort (Is 41:15-16, Is 61:1-4 -- especially v 4) while I am in a besieged city. It is good when my soul is pummeled like this to go into these old songs and drink deep of pain and anger and fear and joy expressed there. (PS 27:8-10, 13-14)

I tried to put the graphic here, but blogger doesn't like the HTML. :(


thursdaybook - the wine and the tiger

For today I am,

Seeing... The blinds are closed, but I can see bright sunlight pushing through the slats. In a few moments, I'm headed out to the back yard to sit in that sunshine and sip some tea. There, I'll see the wall of climbing roses. Gobs and gobs of magenta blossoms covering the back fence. Gorgeous. Our back yard feels lush and green. (And I am inspired to buy a sprinkler today to keep the lushness!)

Hearing... Birds. Those suckers start chattering at 4am in this neighborhood. We slept with our window open a bit to let in the night breeze after a hot afternoon. This means that the full chorus woke us before MM's 5:00 alarm. At least its a happy sound to wake with.

Tasting... An omelet (mushroom, green onion, red bell pepper, and grass-fed cheddar cheese) cooked in Duck Fat. Wowzers! A mini "fruitsplosion" of blueberry, strawberry, orange, and apple in plain, whole fat, European-style yogurt. Wowzers, again! (Though, I forgot the coconut flakes I'd wanted to sprinkle on top. Oh well.)

Working... Resting today. Will fold some laundry and make the bed, but that's about it. My body and my soul are grateful for the space to heal and gather strength.

Reading... Finished a bunch of my books, and am currently BANGING through Salt. Man, we hit all the 18th century revolutions and I was able to engage, finally. Good stuff.

Learning... How to shop and cook paleo. We switched our eating to lacto-paleo, and someday I'll have the energy to write a post about why and the impact that's had. But for now, my brain is having to absorb a lot of data and make sense of it all. This week's adventure is the aforementioned duck fat. And maybe something made with coconut flour. Wooo!

Creating... If I feel up to it, I may draw a bit.

Dreaming... If I feel up to it, I may send MM a few suggestions for this year's Summer List. (We're kicking things off this weekend by going to see The Avengers!)

Pondering... What our souls need for health and life and joy.

Thankful for... A body that hurts less today than yesterday...  Sunshine. Those darn 4 am birds....  A delicious omelet. Fruit....  My loungewear. Though the color isn't my favorite, I am loving this set of jammies/loungewear. (When MM saw me making omelets this morning, he quipped, "Wow. You're being so fancy. Is it the loungewear?" I love him.)...  The plastic roaring tiger from the Target $1 bins that's sitting on my desk. We picked it up one night on our way to housechurch. We bought a bottle of wine for communion, and MM wanted the tiger. We showed up singing our Survivor parody, "The Wine and the Tiger". Yep. We're kind of lame. Anyway. He was going to get rid of the tiger, but I'm not ready for that yet. So I will keep the tiger and occasionally push his tummy to get a roar out of him. (And sing Survivor.)