I've been writing in the mornings. A few bits and bobs that may turn into something substantial down the road. Today's writing feels like a flop to me, but I did it anyway. I'm going to just apply the Butt In Chair technique for now. We'll see. MM is all excited. And some days I am too. Not today, but that's ok.

Writing is hard, and while I think I'm ok, I'm not awesome. And it's hard not to compare my stuff with what I read on other blogs or books or articles. Lord-have-mercy, there are some a-mazing writers out there! Oh jeeze. What can I possibly say that could be of any value. Everything has already been said. Much better than I can say it.

But in the end, that's not why we write. We write because we must. And that's all there is to it. If we did not write, we would explode or go crazy or worse, loose our minds.


~ ~ ~

I am getting back into the swing of reading. MM and I have all those read alouds, which helps. (Just finished Touch the Devil, another Liam Devlin tale. Good, but not nearly as emotionally engaging for me as The Eagle Has Landed. This one felt more like simple, straight up action. Still, a fun tale with a few really good twists!) I'm reading more books for longer stints and retaining the thread better. Not up to my usual level, but happy to know my brain has not, in fact, turned to applesauce during this sabbatical. Currently:
Nightstand: The Walking Drum (almost done)
Bathroom: Salt (making good progress!)
Mornings: In the Heart of the World
Mondays with MM: Changes that Heal
Sundays with MM: Hearing God
Funtimes with MM: Anne of Windy Poplars

~ ~ ~

After breakfast Saturday morning, when it was time for us to read through the morning prayers in The Divine Hours, MM said, "Roll on over here." So I did. I rolled out of my chair, across the kitchen floor, over to his seat. He stared at me in wonder and amusement and didn't quite know how to respond. Laughing, he finally said, "I LOVE YOU!" :D It felt good to make him laugh.

He also laughed that night when we watched The Office episode where Pam is trying to get everyone to share their resolutions. Creed's is to do "one perfect cartwheel." At the end of the show, we see Michael helping to teach Creed how to do this, despite Creed's fear. After some coaching, Creed executes possibly the worst  cartwheel in all of history. He leaps up, delighted, smiling wide, "I did it! One perfect cartwheel! I'm done for the whole year, now!" For some reason, Creed's big, happy smile and glee over his terrible cartwheel, tickled my husband's funny bone. He cracked up. So fun to watch him lose it like that. (My new resolution is to find more ways for MM to laugh that hard.)

~ ~ ~

I'm quite charmed by the mason jar of Surprise Daffodils I put on the back of the toilet Friday evening. These new garden surprises are creamy with a bright orange trumpet - and just a hint of fragrance. The same as the one lone flower in the front beds. There's something so cheerful about a simple garden bouquet in a jam jar. Old-timey. Homey. Wholesome. And there's something so peaceful about cut flowers in the bathroom.

~ ~ ~

I have a gift subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Not my favorite magazine, but I've gotten some fun crafts and yummy food ideas from her over the years. My celebrated "Martha's Kick Ass Meatloaf" is an adaptation of her recipe. (I don't eat veal.) Is it just me, or did they just kind of phone in the Easter one? The articles don't have much actual information, and seems more like various versions of, "See how rich people throw cool parties?" Meh. At some point, haven't all the crafts been done? Are there truly 101 new organizational tips? Haven't we figured all that stuff out, yet? It's like Cosmo and all those sex "secrets" that are just the same lame stuff they always have. (When I go get my nails done in a salon (maybe 3 times a year), I read Cosmo and People just to see what I'm missing.) (Not much.) Anyway. It just seems like endless repeats and fluff to stretch the articles. Nice pictures, though. (Oh, and Martha has curled hair in one of them. Wow! She's had the same hairstyle for 20 years, this is edgy!)

~ ~ ~

I've been on a gyros kick lately. (And by kick, I mean twice in the last month.) Mostly so I can eat tzatziki. LOVE that stuff! I make it a bit too garlicky. ut I don't care. Last night I also made a Mostly Greek Salad (no Feta) and an improvised zucchini and bell pepper bake, which reminded me of stuff we ate in Meteora a few years ago. Yum. I don't know why I don't make this stuff more often. I just forget about it. Which is lame, because - TZATZIKI! (If we get a pet, that would be a good name, yes? Zeke for short.)

~ ~ ~

I have blathered long enough. Rock this week, people.


  1. speaking of laughing hard...

    i'm dying over here that you find the Cosmo sex secrets old hat. like you know, you've read them all. hee.

    we just watched the Office episode where Creed is the manager for a bit...oh my word I was laughing. He's terrific.

  2. Ha! I haven't read them all, but really, how many new things could there be? Sheesh!

    Love Creed!


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