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For today I am,

Seeing... Right now, soft morning sunlight on warm wooden tables and a floor that needs sweeping. Sunlit smudges on glass walls. Green umbrellas as yet empty bistro tables. And the familiar Melusine welcoming sleepy patrons with the promise of blessed caffeine... 

I have a soft spot in my heart for Starbucks. Think how much has happened at Starbuckses over the years. First dates, breakups, post-breakup talks with friends, wedding planning sessions, baby showers... job interviews, client meetings, job searches, startup launches,  projects planned and debriefed, books written, ideas hatched... bible studies, prayer meetings, AA sponsor meetings, volunteer meetings... tests studied for, papers written, study group sessions... think of all that has been learned, studied, written, discussed, and argued about at Starbucks.

I love that.

Hearing... The hiss and whir of coffee grinders, espresso steamers, blenders... that starbucksy mix of jazz, country, indie, and old-timey music. Feist is singing at the moment. Zoey Daschnal a moment ago... the baristas hollering out orders and greeting customers... snatches of conversation. A couple of business meetings. A couple of tables filled with Girl Talk, and another with guys laughing. Some coworkers complaining. A new couple having their own Summer on Naboo Gush-fest... the brain buzz of all the students staring at books or laptops...

Tasting... Half-caf. Totoally cheating this week.

Working... On that stuff I wrote about last time. A bit of studying, some journaling, some blogging, and work on the various writing projects.

Reading... Wooo! Reading, reading, reading!
Nightstand: The Unicorn Variable - a bunch of Sci Fi short stories compliments of MM. They are good. And weird. Like Sci Fi often is, IMO.
Bathroom: Salt - halfway done!
Mornings: In the Heart of the Word - actually, I haven't read this for awhile. My routines are all changed around, so I've set it aside for now. But it's a sweet little collection of Mother Theresa's writing. I'm sure I'll pick it up again.
Mondays with MM: Changes that Heal
Sundays with MM: Hearing God
Funtimes with MM: Anne of Windy Poplars - MM says it should be called Anne in the Most Dysfunctional Town Ever. He's right. This is a collection of stories where Anne deals with a bunch of people with major boundary problems. (Changes that Heal is definitely informing our experience of the quirky folks that Anne  interacts with.) But it is still a fun book, and Anne is still charming, and we laugh out loud often.

Learning... Having fun with The Story of Philosophy. I remember next to nothing about what I read in high school, and I didn't take any Philosophy courses in college. Its coming back slowly. (I think the other students' brain buzz helps.) A couple quotes I tweeted:

Wisdom is not wise if it scares away merriment... A sense of humor bears near kinship to philosophy; each is the soul of the other

Philosophy begins when one learns to doubt--particularly to doubt one's cherished beliefs, one's dogmas, and one's axioms.

Am also enjoying my TED talks. Nancy Duartes on what makes a good presentation is great for this former techwriter. And I love Ken Robinson's talks on Education. Yesterday I saw Ze Frank talk about how he uses technology to bring people together in silly collaborative art projects, which end up giving people a place to "Feel and be felt." Healing comes from that. Connection.

(I have to interrupt to tell you about the lady outside rocking the awesome fro. I wish I could have a fro. My curls are kind of a mess these days. I'm trying all sorts of shampoo, conditioner, product combos, but mostly end up wearing a lot of hats. A fro is like the ultimate, "Hey, I'm me, people, and I'm fabulous!" hairstyle. Love it.)

Creating... I don't know if I'll have time for that today, but might take some knitting with me to my Coffee Talk tonight. I haven't been good about working on that.

Dreaming... MM and I are working hard on our health and finance goals with a view to a Grand Adventure. Dreaming about the Grand Adventure helps on days when we weary of discipline and responsibility and "meager" rations.* And we are also starting to dream about our 2nd careers. Can we make a living doing things we are passionate about? What would that look like? Dreaming about this helps on days when the daily grind seems endless.

Pondering... Sabbath. I spend almost every waking moment in problem-solving mode. Money, health, house, time, career, healing, relationships... The constant figuring it all out wearies me, and I crave rest. But too often I choose distraction instead of true rest. Its easier to hang out on Twitter than it is to sit quietly with my journal - or better yet, nothing but me and the stillness. Thinking a lot about what true rest means for me in this season.

Thankful for... MM (who stopped by the coffee shop between meetings just to hug me! :D)... the dew-spangled grass in the park this morning... forbidden mid-week coffee... my little laptop... spring flowers of all sorts (tulips especially this week, and giant red poppies)... jazz music... ground ginger... Two Buck Chuck... my red Chucks... the jar of daffodils on the dining room table, just opening (sermon in a jar, for sure)... Gilmore Girls Season 2 DVDs... lots of things crossed off on the To Do List... Three more debts paid off... 30 situps (Booyah!)...

* We are well aware that ours are first world problems. We aren't living in poverty or deprivation by any means. We have a full fridge, a full tank, and a three-bedroom house. We can't go out or travel or buy stuff right now, but we throw lots of parties for people. It's not like we're eating beans and top ramen. (Except for treats. MM loooooves top ramen.)

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