thursdaybook - picaken

For today I am,

Seeing... The breakfast dishes on one side of the table and ingredients for several birthday treats for MM on the other... Clean dishes in the strainer, ready to be put away... gross lineoleum more than ready to be cleaned... And outside, blessed gray skies filled with rain rain rain!

Hearing... The freeway... A million birds in the tree canopy... The neighbor's baby squalling anger at having to be bucked into a car seat... The tick of our kitchen clock, which never seems to be on time... tires spattering through the rain on our street...

Tasteing... Irish breakfast tea. We're hosting some folks for St. Patty's dinner, and decided to serve tea with dessert instead of coffee. Got a box with, like, 84 bags of the stuff. Yowza!

Working... On housework and a little birthday fun for MM. He didn't want a party, but I can't just do nothing. So his buddies are coming over tonight for snacks and dessert. Gotta prep the house and the food, and its stuff I either haven't made before, or don't make often, so I want lots of time to fiddle with it.

Reading... Same as two days ago:
Nightstand: The Walking Drum (almost done)
Bathroom: Salt (making good progress!)
Mornings: In the Heart of the World
Mondays with MM: Changes that Heal
Sundays with MM: Hearing God
Funtimes with MM: Anne of Windy Poplars

Learning... How to make a picaken. Well, actually, learning how to do three things: 1) Make a key lime pie - I've never done one before. 2) Use a springform cake pan - I've never used one before. 3) Make a picaken. Waaaaaah! Scary! Three new things in one dessert. TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!

But - "Life is either daring adventure or nothing."

Creating... Picaken! (And I'm making sliders and baked mac and cheese for MM's birthday dinner. Woohoo!)

Dreaming... Of the future. MM and I have been starting some long-range dreaming. It's exciting to think that our lives could look completely different in a few years. Its all still new, but we're praying and talking and dreaming and hoping. Feels good.

Pondering... My soul is healing and growing in leaps and bounds these days. I'm saying goodbye to a lot of old burdens and pains and ways and broken relationships. It feels good, but takes a lot of pondering. Its like I'm unpacking old, dusty boxes, examining the contents to see if keeping it will be of any value, and if not, out it goes. If it stays, I have to figure out where it will reside in the house of my soul. What is its purpose? How will this bless and create life and goodness?

Thankful for... MM! The world is so many million times more wonderful because he's in it. I sometimes steal Paul Child's toast to Julia. "You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life. I love you, Darling Boy."

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