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For today I am,

Seeing... My cozy, (mostly) clean living room. My kitchen scares me. How can only two people make this many dishes? The giant laundry piles creep creep creep down the hallway, threatening to devour me if I get too close. Likewise the piles of paperwork in the office. But here, if I ignore the dust bunnies, I have pale, spring light streaming through the windows. I have a candle, a cup of Irish tea, a bouquet of flowers, and tiny pot of shamrocks to cheer.

Hearing... Birds tweetering away... the freeway... a neighbor operating some kind of power tool - which is the Official Sound of Saturday Afternoon, so it seems misplaced on a Thursday morning.

Tasting... (All these weeks and I've misspelled the title for this section. Lame.) Anyway. I'm tasting the aforementioned Irish tea at present. Earlier, we had breakfast burritos and breakfast smoothies. Later, I'll finish up the soup from last week and have some grapes.

Working... Well, I can't stay on the couch forever. Eventually I'll have to face the piles. I'm also working out a studying/writing schedule, so that I can be a bit more disciplined about doing all that stuff. House work, office work, school work, writing work... Hi ho hi ho. :)

Reading... Finished The Walking Drum. And honestly, by the end of it, I was hoping for sequels. Alas, Mr L'Amour passed before writing more adventures for Kerbouchard. It's not fabulous writing. The hero is a Mary Sue, and the plot's completely unrealistic. But I still think this would be a fun way to introduce someone to the study of Central Asian cultures during the 12th century. I certainly plan on checking out some history texts and reading some of the writers the character mentions. MM has a book on the Assassins of Alamut, which I will take up as soon as I finish Salt. Speaking of Which:

Nightstand: Salt
Bathroom: Salt (double-time!)
Mornings: In the Heart of the World
Mondays with MM: Changes that Heal (making good progress on this one too. Great conversation-starter for us, and a fabulous spring-board for knowing ourselves and each other better)
Sundays with MM: Hearing God (just realized we forgot to read this week, cuz we were watching the Star Wars movies. :D Totally have the Imperial March in my head now. And MM and I keep exaggeratedly acting out the cheezy Summer on Naboo scenes. (Barf.))
Funtimes with MM: Anne of Windy Poplars

Learning... For my first little sessions of "school," I'm watching a Ted talk and reading from MM's book The Story of Philosophy each day. I'll add stuff as I go, but this is a fun start. Khan Academy has a lot of great stuff.

Creating... I am making a small banana bread, and I hope to do some sewing. Time to start building up our cloth napkin collection.

Dreaming... I'm slowly coming out of hibernation mode. As the world wakes up with spring, I'm waking up too. I want to exercise and organize and work on things. I want to plant flowers in the front of our house and finally reduce the 20 boxes in the garage to, like, five. I can see what I want our bedroom to look like, our office, our guest room... I can see what I want the patio to look like. I have ideas for parties and gatherings. I have dreams of trips I want to take. Hikes I want to go on. It's all swirling a bit in there, and I can feel some lists and declarations coming. I want to learn, grow, adventure, dare, and breathe deep, gulping breaths again. Yep. Waking up from hibernation.

Pondering... Thinking lots these days about boundaries, both internal and external. Being structured and strong within myself and in relationship to other people. Some relationships that I've had a long time are changing. Possibly ending. That hurts. And its unfamiliar. I am one of those who will hold on to the shreds of something long after its time has passed. Learning not to do that anymore. New life. New life. That's what this season is about. Release. Receive. Strength. Beauty. New life.

Thankful for... Dishes to scrub. Laundry to sort, wash, and fold. And even iron. (That's when I watch my junky TV show of the moment, Greek.) Paperwork and emails to process. Finances to manage. Events to schedule. Packages to mail. Meals to cook. Exercises to do. Books to read. Words to write. Fabric to sew. Art to create. Things to learn. MM to love... This is good. All good.

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