scenes from a weekend - gringoladas

My Fabulous Mom-in-law fell under the weather on Friday, so we had to cancel our Gringolada Making Party. Well, MM and I made the food, but we didn't get to eat with his folks. We made 20 enchiladas. A tray for us, a tray for his folks, and a tray to take to my mom's birthday party.

We ate our tray that night while we drank Trader Joes wine and watched The Office. That's been my TV offering for the Cultural Exchange. MM's has been the Original Star Trek and the Venture Brothers. He had a rough time getting used to Michael Scott and the gang, what with all the awkward and socially awful, but they grow on ya. Next, I will make him watch Downton Abbey.

We took lunch and presents to my mom, who turned 84 this week. She's a leap year baby, so the family took her out for beers and bingo now that she's officially 21. She opted for root beer, but had a blast playing nickle slots with an assortment of her grandkids. Too cute.

We live far away, and couldn't make it up mid week for festivities, so we brought a birthday party with us on the weekend. This is our new "protocol". Up and back in one day. Bring the midday meal. Clean up after the meal. Bring presents. Leave before dinner. Mom felt loved and looked all sparkly and lively. Good trip. Peaceful.

MM and I have been doing Morning and Vespers prayers out of Divine Hours for Lent. Yesterday during Morning prayer, he made me laugh so hard, I snorted. LOUD. It was awesome.

We rested up from the previous days travels. After our usual Sunday morning stuff, we spent the whole afternoon at the park, reading, talking, and soaking up sunshine while we could.

Also, yesterday, we enjoyed being Protestants during Lent, and got frozen yogurts with all the fixings. I go for simple combos. Yesterday I had vanilla/chocolate swirl, topped with hot cherry topping and brownies. (Amen.) My husband had: vanilla/chocolate swirl with butterscotch, fudge, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, hard hat, and colored sprinkles. The hard hat turned into a hard, sprinkle-covered donut of chocolate, so he felt like he got two desserts in one.

~ ~ ~

So - nothing glamorous. Just peaceful and yummy and unproductive. Amen. (SNORT!)


  1. Love Star Trek! Ease MM into Downtown Abby slowy;)....Phil and I throughly enjoy it. We are rooting for Mr. Bates!

  2. Oh! Mr. Bates! Love. Him. :D


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