"Come sit on the porch with me," he said.

I blustered a bit about time and chores and how dinner will be late again... But in the end, I sliced the baguette and the cheddar, and he poured the wine, and we sat sipping and talking, and letting the cares of the day slip into the gloaming. Last night didn't boast a glamorous sunset. No scarlet or firey orange clouds. The sun just slid slow and steady past the horizon, and the sky shimmered like a pearl. Pale grey and pink at the edge of the earth and fading into dove grey and finally periwinkle above us.

We stared at this shimmering sky through the black lace silhouette of leafless branches. Flight after flight of birds flew Northwest in waves. Magical. Even the crows made us gasp with their sharp, stark beauty against that periwinkle pearl of an evening sky. Venus, followed shortly by Jupiter, sparkled - truly like diamonds - winking through that lovely black lace.

And that blend of pain and peace that comes in these kind of moments. How beautiful it all is. Pearls and diamonds and crows in flight. Black lace against a shimmering periwinkle. A spring breeze that carries the fragrance of a million blossoms. Stillness. "Be still oh my soul..."

I sat and sipped and ceased the striving of my tired mind. My weary heart. I listened. Breathe. Be Loved. Be at rest. Here. Now. Just be.

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  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    An amazing evening. The wind cleared out the atmosphere so that everything was extra sharp and brilliant. Yesterday morning at 5 AM, things were much the same except that the moon was at the opposite side of the sky.


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