fake friday fave five - lookin' like a latte, baby

It's been awhile since I've done this meme. Here are my five favorite things from this week.

Rain. Oh, we need this rain. Need it! And it snowed in the mountains and hills, which is awesome. Not only because we need the water, but also because MM and I need to snowshoe. We love snowshoeing, and have only gone once since we've known each other, which is a travesty.

Some friends of ours are looking for shoes for MM, (we didn't buy any this year b/c the weather was so lame and I'd given up hope of a trip) and we're trying to throw together an impromptu outing for next weekend. Yay!

Sunshine. As excited as I am about the rain and snow, I'm also enjoying the spring sunshine. I especially love the sunshine that comes in through the bedroom window. If I've got writing to do, I grab myself and scootch myself around the floor to follow the sun's path and soak in those rays. Delicious.

And the blossoms all over town look stunning when the sunshine filters through them. Giant puffballs of pink and white everywhere. All shades. My friend said last night that this was the perfect time for Doctor Seuss to have been born, because everything looks Seussian (Seussical?) in the spring.

The last few weeks I've been extra tenderhearted and fragile as I work on healing some old hurts in my heart. That's hard work and wears me out. That, coupled with running errands during the one month of the year that I have allergies, meant I was TIRED on Wednesday evening. And weary.

I was thankful that MM just took over. He made dinner, cleaned up, made lunch, and prepped breakfast for the next day. He even came in to sit with me and rub my feet for a bit. I laid on the couch and rested and vegged and painted my nails and watched my latest brainless TV show.

I needed that. Both the rest and the care-taking. I'm so thankful to have a home and a family and a safe place in MM. <3

Fifteen! MM says I need to tell you all that in my situp test this morning I did 15 in a row. I could have probably done more, but I quit while I was ahead. This means that if I wanted to, I could start Week 1 for "Sorta Wimpy" instead of "Wimpy" - but because I'm not hardcore, I'm going to start at "Wimpy" anyways, just to be safe. I'm trying to do all this without re-injuring my back, so slow and steady is my plan. But, yay! 15 whole situps. Well, crunches. Still, though. Yay.

So that means that Week 1 is supposed to look like this:
Sunday (with 60 second rests in between) - 3  4  3  3  5
Tuesday (same) 5  6  3  5  6
Thursday (same) 6  7  6  6  8

I don't know, that seems like kind of a lot. :S  But I will try. And also, the intervals seem weird, but what do I know. And finally, this means I need to think up stuff to do on M/W/F.

Outfit. This is kind of lame, but I have a favorite outfit these days, and I wore it yesterday. Cargo pants, red long-sleeved shirt, thick Beigy-Oatmeal cable knit sweater, converse. Its warm. Its cute. Its casual. I wore it out last night with my brown and orange and cream plaid cadet cap and my husbands orange scarf. I even remembered to put on earrings.

More and more I just don't give a rip about what's fashionable. I just want to be comfortable and feel good. I love textiles and linens - fabric, yarn, string, paper - love it! I like warmth and texture, and have lamented the last few years when everything seemed to be polyester knits the colors of gangrene, bruises and mold. Who decided that we need to dress like zombies? Blegh. Anyway - this outfit is warm and textured and looks more like a latte than the undead.

So there you have it. Happy Friday, all.


  1. The image of your outfit made me smile. I like the idea of being comfortable and enjoying the feel (warm, textures) and colours of what we wear. Plus, you are so cool you can rock any look!

    So happy your man knows just how to care for you. Such a blessings from God.

    So happy you know how to take care of you too. Wahoo on the continued healing even though it is HARD stuff. It will and is paying off.

  2. You encourage me, Susan. Blessings on your head!


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