homemade soup, honey badgers, and oh la la

It's snowing in the mountains (yay!) today, and cold cold cold here in the valley. Grey and foggy with intermittent rain (double yay!), it is a day for candles and tea and sweaters and sticking close to Little Blackie the Space Heater. (Oh the filing I shall do!) And soup for dinner.

I don't usually make soup from a recipe. I usually scavenge around for interesting things and dump them in a pot and hope for the best. Today's random compilation:
Homemade chicken broth
Green beans
Salt, pepper, and spices

Now, imagine eating that with a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich on wheat bread. Mmmm hmmm. You want to come on 'a my house for dinner don't you? Sorry. Thursdays are crazy town here, so we kind of eat and run. Maybe next time.

~ ~ ~

Speaking of dinner, my in-laws are coming tomorrow night to make enchiladas with us. Or rather, as I like to call them, gringoladas. Looking forward to a tasty and fun evening!

~ ~ ~

This morning, while finishing my oatmeal, I saw a GIANT raccoon scramble over the fence into our back yard. This sucker was freakin' huge. HUGE!!! What the...? In broad daylight.

We survived Skunk-a-palooza last month (skunk mating season, yay!). And, of course, armies of squirrels have the run of the neighborhood. But raccoons? Mmmmm I don't wanna mess with those guys. I've seen Elf too many times.

The sad thing is that I can see new daffodils out in the garden that want me to pick them and bring them indoors with the tea and the soup and the candles. But I don't want to get charged by some freaky raccoon. Next thing to a honey badger. Maybe I should bring along one of my husband's swords...

~ ~ ~

Nightstand book (F): Enjoying, The Walking Drum. It truly is "a ripping good yarn." I'm not even halfway through and this 17-year old guy has:
 - Seen his ancient family home razed, his mother murdered, and all their stuff stolen
 - Been a galley slave on a ship
 - Taken over the ship and basically became a pirate
 - Been a celebrated scholar, geographer, and translator in Cordoba
 - During which time he's learned 5 languages (now he's working on Persian) and studied medicine, philosophy, law, history, etc. etc.
 - This is all aided by the fact that he's part Druid (on his mother's side) so he has been trained in memory to the point of having a photographic one. handy.
 - Fallen in love 5 times - during daring rescues of damsels in distress (a princess, a shepherd's daughter, a spy...) and had a few non-committed escapades on the side (my, my!)
 - Been thrown into prison, and escaped by scaling down a bare rock cliff hundreds of feet high
 - Made friends with the intellectual elite of Spain, a collection of thieves and acrobats, and John of Seville
 - Made enemies of the son of a Visigoth and a Moorish Prince
 - And, most recently, taken up with a caravan of Merchants traveling through his homeland, as one of their swordsmen.
 - Aside from being terribly clever and skilled at everything (rock climbing, sword fighting, sailing, acrobatics), he's apparently super handsome with a marvelous physique. #heyladies.

:) Ripping good yarn, indeed!


  1. You probably don't remember, but one night you spent at the Wellspring, TWO HUNKIN HUGE racoons totally duked it out in our backyard. Full on brawl. I swear, they were bigger than dogs. It was right at *dawn* and I worried they would wake you! PS Don't forget they're nocturnal, so pick away! She was probably on her way to bed.

  2. Still eating the kale;)

    Some of my best meals are those I throw together just before payday.

    From fff's: my fashion sense comes from the clearance racks at Kohl, what fits (I'm short) and my comfort. When I find a outfit I like I wear it over and over.

    Have fun playing in the snow.


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