fake friday fave five - not really

I thought of doing a fave five post today, but meh. And MM wants me to write a picaken post, but that requires downloading all my pictures off my phone, which I don't want to do today, cuz MM has the day off, and I just want to hang out with him and not muck about with photos. So instead, you get some random. (Yay!)

~ ~ ~

Well, and one picture of the Picaken, which turned out awesome! Yay!

And my Sweetie felt loved, which was the whole point of it all. He is WORTH all the Freaking Out, whether it's:

"OMG! OMG! This guy wants to date me and I said I wasn't going to date anyone, and he said he was cool with that, but clearly he wants to date me, and I don't think this is a good time, but he's kind of blowing my mind, and maybe he's The One, and..." (NOTE: He's TOTALLY The One.)


"OMG! OMG! I'm married, and we're different, and what if it was too soon and we're not ready and now we have to figure out the next 50 years together and I'm kind of a mess and don't know how to be loved or even be a person right now and how the heck do I do this, but he's so wonderful and his love is kind of blowing my mind, and I KNOW that he's The One, but wow, this new life is different, and..." (NOTE: His love IS mind-blowing, and I LOVE being a family with him!)


"OMG! OMG! Key lime pie is his favorite, and I've never made one, and I haven't separated eggs in over 20 years, and how the heck do you use spring form pans, and I just always have problems with buttercream frosting, and what if it all explodes or tastes like feet, or..." (NOTE: It did not taste like feet, nothing exploded, and now I know how to make my husband's favorite pie.)

But last night he smiled and hugged me, and thanked me for making the effort, and told me that he felt loved, and Oh, how I want this wonderful, mind-blowing man to feel loved and worth it. So so worth it.

~ ~ ~

Yes, that's a Star Wars fabric under the cake. For the family party, we had a Star Wars theme. MM's sister made cupcakes with Star Wars papers and picks. I made a banner, my favorite panel of which is a drawing of Vader's mask and the words, "Whose your Daddy?" :)

~ ~ ~

I'm still thinking through my "syllabus" for my Sabbatical Anti-Applesauce Study Campaign, and more and more I think one component needs to be poetry. Confession: I'm not really into it. Which is weird, considering. I love books and words and poetic writing and literature and writing, etc. etc. I was an English Major, so I read plenty of poetry in my school career, but never much for pleasure, and I think that needs to change.

Poetry is good for me. I will be a better writer, thinker, feeler, and person if I read poetry. I really will. That's what poetry is for.

But right now, poetry is in the same class as, like, statistics - a thing that would be good to study. When I have free time, I don't think, "Oh! I want to read some poetry!" Instead I think, "Oh, I want to watch an episode of Greek!" I know that my soul would be probably be more edified by the poetry, but that's not my first choice.

Conversely, MM loves the stuff. Just this morning he wrote a poem, based on the same evening that inspired my periwinkle post. Easy peasy. I think I've written two poems in my life worth saving, and one of them was for a class in high school.

But a lot of my favorite writers read poetry and/or write it themselves. It changes the way you use words. Every word counts in a poem, and it should count as much in anything we write. Or say. So - poetry will definitely be part of my Course Schedule.

~ ~ ~

I also think - philosophy and geography (which in my mind includes history/current events of the places studied). And I really do want to get back into Shakespeare somehow. MM and I'd talked about doing that last summer, but got too busy with other stuff. Maybe this year.

We could do one play for each of the summer months, and follow the Mental Multivitamin approach to Bardolatry, which goes something like this:
~  Read an abridgement, so you have an idea of what's going on.
~  See the play, hopefully a quality performance. Lucky Duck, she lives in a place with a Shakespearean theater company. We have to travel for ours, and our travel budget is zero dollars, right now, but we can find something. Plus, Summer Shakespeare Festivals are just fun.
~  Read the unabridged play while listening to a quality audio performance, because while we can muddle through the material adequately, that can't hold a candle to listening to Ian McKellan or Ben Kingsley do this stuff.

~ ~ ~

OK, enough blathering from me. Have a good weekend, folks.


  1. I just love you. I want you to be my next door neighbor. Could we do that? Could we, huh?

    ("Who's your daddy?" ha!)

  2. :) The feeling is mutual!


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