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For today I am

Seeing... Spring flowers, possibly daffodils, poking up into the unkempt garden beds in back. Previous tenants cultivated lovely things back there, and had the grace to plant perennials, so this will be a year of fun discoveries. I'm going to be careful when pulling things out, so as to not yank up something heirloom-y.

Hearing... Birds. They could care less that we didn't get a real winter and are twittering away, getting ready to get their freak on. Last year, our neighborhood was FILLED with crazy, mating birds and nests and eggs and fledgling catastrophes. It was loud. We'll see what this year and this "quiet" neighborhood brings.

Tasting... My morning cup of tea. I'm doing pretty good with my tea/water alternation (that is totally a word!) plan. Not yesterday, because I was out all day, but most days. And man, does it feel better when I do. Proper hydration is a marvelous thing.

But the coffee? It calls to me. We have an open pantry, and every time I walk by (on my way to get a refresh of tea or water) I get a whiff of deep, dark, forbidden coffee. Sexy. It winks and tries to seduce me, "hey, baby." I have to walk fast.

And, this is sort of related to tasting, but I've added morning smoothies into our meal plan, and I think that means giving up my morning oatmeal. I'm just too full after the smoothie to pull it off. And, the way we do oatmeal (steal cut, cooked the night before) makes it hard to eat it later... I need to figure out a good plan. Sigh. More food plans. Anyway - today's smoothie was goooood. (Say that like Nacho Libre.)
  2 small Tangerines (peeled)
  1 avocado (peeled)
  1 pear (not peeled)
  1 cup of plain, whole, organic European style yogurt
  1/2 T of honey

Working... Thursday is bathroom day in our house. Whoopie! We have a bunch of people over on Thursdays, so it just seems right to keep things hygienic. For the children. And, it's tax season, which is when I go through my files and archive what gets saved and shred the rest. So there's much filing and sorting and shredding and piling and organizing and whatnot. I think today will be a day for my Donna Summer Pandora station.

Reading... Well! We finished The Eagle Has Landed in a marathon reading session. Stayed up til, 2 reading, and then debriefed for an hour or so. Its a good story. And, though not overtly so, moving. Or maybe it was just that MM and I read it together and had a chance to share our reactions to the characters. The thread runing throughout is that humans were not meant for war and death and killing. The main characters (Germans, a Boer, and an IRA soldier carrying out a dastardly plot against the British in WW2) all have poignant moments when their soul longs for peace in the midst of endless war. We had great conversations about pain and abuse and forgiveness and vengeance and grace and the poison of bitterness and the evil of mankind. And the goodness. I would have never read this book were it not for the Cultural Exchange that MM and I are doing. Thankful I got to experience it with him. (Next, we're going to watch the movie and groan over how not like the book it is.)

Purse Book (Nf): Salt (My brain is much better able to absorb the information now. Yay!)
Bathroom Book (Nf): On Writing (Almost done.)
Read-aloud with MM (F): Anne of the Island (Quite a change of pace, but we need some levity after Eagle)
On the Nightstand (F): The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Chuckling a lot, and now I get all the jokes I've heard for years.)
Read-aloud with MM (Nf): Changes that Heal and Hearing God
Morning "quiet time" books: The Divine Hours, A Diary of Private Prayer, In the Heart of the World (by Mother Theresa).

Learning... A lot about Cabbage and Kale. I got a lot of good info via Twitter, email, comments. Thanks, folks!

Creating... Finishing up Valentines today, and making a care package for my mama and sister. Fun little Valentine-y treats. That will take up my creating time today, I think. At some point I want to put up decorations on our house. I mean. Come on, we live in a bright pink house. If anyone has Valentine's Day decore up, it should be us!

Dreaming... On Tuesday night, MM took me out for pie and held my hand and shared some of his dreams for my next career. The things he said resonate with me, but while he is giddy, I am nervous. Lots of fears. Of failure, of criticism, of Mysterious Bad Something. I've had a lifetime of Bad Somethings, so it takes time to relax into these dreams. Deep breaths. Baby steps.

We are also dreaming about our next steps as a family. Buy a house? If so, what? Where? When? Live overseas? When? Where? Which do we do first? Do I make my career switch before or after? Does MM take a sabbatical or make a career switch of his own? Exciting and fun to dream together.

Pondering... How we are all, in some ways, still being "knit together in the secret place". There is a mystery to the growth and healing of a person. Creation, transformation, renewal - whatever you want to call it. And there are things I can do, of course - study, exercise, go to therapy, learn a new skill, read a book... but I cannot make myself grow and heal and become. That just sort of... happens. My job is to show up, and I suppose, pay attention. And even then I miss it. Weird.

Thankful for... The surprise flowers in the garden... that the repair guy was able to fix the leaky pipe... sunshine on wood floors... just enough - and then some... avocado smoothies... pie and coffee before dinner and MM's hand holding mine...

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