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For today I am

Seeing... The beautiful roses MM gave me for Valentine's day. Dark red and perfect... The heart banner and centerpiece I made to decorate for Tuesday. It's made of maps and pressed petals in tissue and brown craft paper with a lace pattern. To me, it speaks of Romance and Adventure... A few of the morning candles still flickering in the draft... sunlight and blue skies and the neighbor's camellia bush popping out in bright red blossoms...

Hearing... Birds... freeway noise... the occasional clank from Little Blackie the Space Heater...

Tasting... Water - and one piece of the Valentine candy. I ate a piece that has nuts in it, which my man can't eat, so I was taking one for the team, really. A sacrifice. ;)

Working... Gobs of housework to catch up on before people come over tonight, and still, paperwork, filing, yada yada. I hate filing. It will be good when we come up with our new computer network/archiving/storage plan, cuz then I can just scan stuff and be done. Begone! Anyway. Yeah. Quotidian day, mostly.

Reading... Oh, books. It's been a whoosh and a whirl for books lately.
I quickly read a book that one of MM's friends gave him years ago, but he'd not read yet: Ishmael. Blegh! It bugged me. I made MM read it, and he felt the same. He scoffed and snorted and cursed his way through it. "This sounds like a college freshman bull session, where they all think they are soooo brilliant, and no one has ever had such ideas before, and theirs is this glorious, unique revelation. But really, its just half-researched, half-thought out thoughts that a bunch of others had come up with before, based on faulty information." Ahem. Yeah, it was not an awesome book.

Nightstand book (F): Just started a Louis L'Amoure (sp?) book, The Walking Drum. Another of MM's, which he describes as "a ripping good yarn." So this should be fun.
Purse book (Nf): Salt (MM keeps thinking that I don't like this, but he's wrong. I've been enjoying it, this go around, and I feel like my brain can absorb it, finally. The thing is, I don't get out much these days, so when we take books and go sit in coffee shops, I'm all distracted by people-watching. When I'm home by myself at lunch I read this one just fine.)
Bathroom book: Still don't have one. Think I'll just double up on my nightstand book or purse book for now.
Read-aloud with MM (F): Well, since we'd just barely begun Touch the Devil, and MM reads a lot these days, we went back to Plan A. We're zipping along with Anne of the Island, and I'm still getting a kick out of my husband's reactions to these "little girl" books.
Read-aloud with MM (Nf): Hearing God and Changes that Heal
Devotional Books: The Divine Hours, John Baille's Diary of Private Prayer, In the Heart of the World

Learning... I'm still thinking a lot about cabbage and kale and finding ways to integrate them into our diet. Last night for dinner, I sauteed red onion, red bell pepper, mushroom, and kale in olive oil and a splash of balsamic. Then I fried (we don't have poaching pods yet) eggs with thyme, and served those over the greens with some avocado. Holy mackerel, it was good. So good! MM liked it too, and it kept us perfectly full all night. That one's going into regular rotation, probably as a breakfast.

Creating... Tonight, I plan on knitting. I'd love to grab a friend or two and head someplace for a glass of wine and an unofficial Stitch and Bitch meeting. (The real knitters are all at a convention this week.) But, as its a bit late to sound the call to my people, I will probably just tuck myself into the office with a British period piece (and a glass of wine) (AND a piece of valentine candy) to knit.

Dreaming... Of gatherings and celebrations and general hooplah. We've got my mom's 84th birthday (she's a leap year baby, so she's actually 21), and MM's birthday coming up, a few belated "dates" that we owe family and friends, and St Patrick's day is around the corner... Lot's to think about.

Pondering... How relationships morph and change and grow and fade and flourish through the years... My new rhythms of exercise and self care (I am almost completely pain-free! Woohoo! Now, if I get a massage it can be for pampering instead of survival.)...

Thankful for... That MM and I can talk about so many things!... How he made me feel like a princess on Valentine's day... The daffodils that have popped up in the back yard, and the one random bud that we found in the front flowerbed... new soap and shampoo and conditioner... the season's first bike ride... the fact that I can now do 5 situps in a row...

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  1. Lately when I visit Elizabeth, we've been reading to other the Anne books too. I am amazed to discover that they are hard to read out loud. I never that that before. But still wonderful to contemplate with one other.

    I am eating bunches of veggies now too. Although I "cheat" and have them in my morning green smoothie: Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce and then all kinds of fruits. I try to always include a grapefruit. So with one meal I probably have had my whole days worth of veggies and fruit.

    Your cooked version sounds awesome. I haven't tried cabbage in there yet, but I bought one to experiment with.

    Your knitting plan sounded fun. I have an afghan I started last year before the broken shoulder. I need to get it out and finish that baby. I also want to try something else, something new, something small. No clue what yet. What are you knitting? Oh and knitting while eating chocolate? Always a brilliant idea.


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