thursdaybook - evening edition

For tonight I am:

Seeing... The yellow and blue calico table cloth my ol' roommate made back in the day. We had similar tastes and so were able to create a cohesive home instead of the usual rommate hodge podge. Yellow and blue in the beginning. Followed by our Lord of the Rings Phase. Hey, don't laugh; it was classy. I found this in a box the other day, and used it for our kitchen table. I normally prefer the natural wood, but now and then, a table cloth seems right. Just on the verge of spring, this little flowered number from back in my spinster days makes me smile.

Hearing... The freeway... the dripping faucet... the tick of the clock...

Tasting... Homemade chicken vegetable soup. Had a few chicken carcases from roasts gone by. Boiled them to smithereens to make stock, took out the bones and skin and weird bits, and added all kinds of veggies we'd had laying around. So freakin good. Remarkably, in this process, I somehow managed to set off the fire alarm in the back office.

Working... We just have to do the evening chores (dishes, dinner cleanup, trash, make lunches, prep oatmeal) and then no more work today.

Reading... Finished On Writing and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I told MM that I enjoyed Hitchhiker, and totally get why all my nerd friends love it, but I think that this is the sort of book that one needs to encounter at 12. At 12, this stuff would be hillarious. That mix of smart and silly and clever and weird that nerds everywhere find delightful and everyone else just doesn't get. When you are 12 and you read these books and laugh and laugh and then find other people who laugh at them too, there's a bonding that happens. You find your tribe this way. I could have used my nerd tribe back then. As it is. I found the books amusing for sure, and I get a lot more nerd jokes now, and I plan on reading the other books in the "trilogy." But I wonder if I will have the same deep affection and fondness for them that I would have if I'd read them back in the day. Time will tell. But for now, it's good to know where my towel's at. I am one seriously hoopy frood.

In other reading:
Bathroom book: There's a book that I really want to be my bathroom book, but its a loaner, and I don't know how people feel about bathroom books. That really grosses some people out, so I don't want to impose myself. It's too bad, cuz this one is perfect - Green from the Ground Up. An overview on how to build houses that are super efficient systems for the folks who live in them and have minimal negative impact on the environment. I may have to find other times to read that one...
Purse book (Nf): Salt
Nightstand book: Just started one my husband has had for years and never read: Ishmael. Not very far in, but wow. Trip.
Read-aloud with MM (F): Touch the Devil. Well, Anne of the Island was the next slotted read-aloud, but one evening, I was cooking and MM wanted to hang out with me, so he started in on this one, and its all actiony, so we can't stop now! :)
Read-aloud with MM (Nf): Hearing God (We just love Dallas Willard. He's smart and kind and gentle. We read this one on Sunday evenings, and its sort of like a fireside chat with a man we respect and enjoy. Sundays with Dallas. Sounds like a Youtube channel...) Changes that Heal
Devotional Books: The Divine Hours (switching to springtime volume this week!), John Baille's Diary of Private Prayer, In the Heart of the World

Learning... About the electrical system of our house. We need to create a map that documents the connection and power levels of our circuit breakers with the various sockets, switches, and rooms of our house. This goes in the Old Houses are Fun category. We blew out a socket this weekend, and we've noticed that different combinations of appliances trip circuits. This way we can know that if Blackie the Space Heater is plugged into the wall by the door and Dixie the Dishwasher is plugged into the wall opposite the bathroom there will be Big Trouble. We discovered yesterday that every switch and socket in two rooms plus the front porch run off of one 15 am circuit breaker. Woohoo! (Old Houses are Fun!)

Creating... Baking some treats for coffee time with my friend tomorrow morning, and sewing some pillow covers. This is freaky to me, because I am harvesting fabric from the covers for the back cushions of our couch. The back cushions are so huge and puffy that people can't really sit on the couch, which sort of defeats the purpose of living room seating. Gonna take the puffy cushions off and replace them with various smaller pillows. Figured I'd cover at least one of them with fabric from the couch, so it looks like they belong. I've got two smaller pillows that have been sitting on our furniture without covers for a year or so. Time to get with the program.

Dreaming... Same things as last time... careers, houses, adventures... longterm financial planning...

Pondering... Still thinking over the emotional healing process. How some people heal, and some don't. That magical something that needs to "click" simply doesn't, and they spend years/decades/lifetimes spinning in circles of chaos and pain. And the healthy solution/better way can be right in front of their face. Obvious. Simple (not easy, but simple). And they won't see it. Can't do it. Try to do it and fail, again and again. And again. Enslaved to addictions or other destructive behavior patterns, they simply have no choice but to "do what they do not wish to do." Some people die in this condition. Yet others, somehow, "get it". That magical something clicks, and they learn a new way. Bam. And they are not the same person. Mystery.

Thankful for... Soup and sandwhiches... fire alarms... candles... turtle shepherds... ingredients for coffee treats... COFFEE!!! FRIDAY MEANS COFFEE!!! (Sorry. Freaked out there for a minute.)... functioning light sockets... finding the money we needed for an unexpected expense... for my man, who loves me with unconditional love, who holds me when I freak out, who makes up goofy songs and dances with me in the kitchen, who stays the course, "even when it hurts." Clariton.

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