scenes from a weekend - hybernating through spring

This weekend,

I saw - Almond and cherry blossoms, tulip trees, camellia bushes, daffodils, and, of course, my beloved oxalis.  Spring arrived, too soon, and without enough rain or snow this winter.

In the spirit of spring, I gathered some of the Surprise Daffodils from the back yard and added them to one of my Valentine bouquets. The yellow daffodils and green mums fill a cobalt blue vase on the dining table.

I tasted - On Friday, salmon cakes, quinoa, asparagus, and spinach salad. Yum. A quick dinner before a game night with our friend...

On Saturday, a delicious scramble with mushroom, onion, pepper, kale, and sausage... And later, Serrano ham and melon, spicy pork skewers, and the tastiest grilled eggplant and zucchini, ever. Drinks and tapas with some ladies I used to work with. Smart. Sassy. Well-read. Adventurous. These chicks know how to live. Also, one gave another an actual robat. A robot!...

On Sunday, pizza. Our neighborhood Blockbuster is closing. We were so excited to have an actual Blockbuster in our neighborhood, and were all set to find our ancient cards and rent something, but alas. Everything must go, super duper sale, so on our way to pick up a pizza, we checked out the $3.99 bin. Found Zombieland (our first movie in a theater - can you believe it?), and knew it was meant to be. (Word to the wise: Do not eat pizza while watching this movie.)

I heard - Queensryche. MM and I are doing Cultural Exchanges of music as well as books, and he had this in the car on the way to fencing practice. I never listened to these guys in high school, and my only recollection was "lots of makeup, shiny pants, and giant hair." So he gave me a "tour" of one of their first albums.

As I get to know MM more and more, I start to understand what he's drawn to musically. And I'm gaining an appreciation for styles of music that I used to blow off. I'm learning a lot (like the difference between power drumming and metal drumming) in these exchanges. And I love that he sees beauty in places I never thought to look.

I touched - Lots of sweaters. Despite the sunshine, it's brisk outside. I'm still enjoying my sweaters (and my man's scarves - longer than mine, and warm)

Inside it was "warmies" (yoga pants or jammies, sweatshirts, thick socks, and slippers) and blankets, or a nap under the comforter. We read a lot. And napped. We're still in hibernation mode, I think.

I smelled - Orange peels down the disposal. So great! When we make our morning smoothies, we grind up the orange peels. A very happy fragrance.

I felt - Fragile. Tired. Loved. Cozy. Encouraged.

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  1. I simmer orange peels with cloves and cinnamon in water on top of the stove. Makes the house smell so good!Sometimes it even smells like Pledge furniture polish:)


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