pancakes, donuts, and cultural exchanges

I almost missed Pancake Day this year! The President's Day* holiday threw me off. Thankfully, I remembered in time to make pancakes instead of biscuits for our stew. (It was actually really good, so I may have to do this again. Sort of our version of chicken and waffles.)

As usual, my heart is more than ready for this season of lent. We're celebrating quietly, wearing more purple, doing some specific readings  in the mornings and evenings, giving up a couple things that aren't really good for us, taking up a few things that are. During lent we do specific things to identify with the suffering of Jesus and the suffering of the world around us.

Honestly, we should do that all year round, but its easy to get distracted and forget. So, we pause and remember. I need these pauses. I'm "prone to wander" as the old song says.

~ ~ ~

We had a deliciously snuggly weekend. It was sunny on the one day that we couldn't go biking, and it rained on the others, and MM's back had a flare up anyway, so we ended up lounging and reading and talking. Gobs and gobs of snuggles and quality time, two big "love languages" for us.

We sped through Anne of the Island, which was a blast to read with MM. He is a full-contact read-alouder, with lots of commentary on characters and plot lines. He groaned and rolled his eyes at Paul and his "little mother" statements, and said that Davey Keith would be completely redeemed if he'd just go punch Paul in the next chapter. He guessed incorrectly that Ruby would be Avonlea's first drug addict, but then freaked out with joy at "Lucy Maud throwin' DOWN the theology" when it turned out to be consumption. He also gave Lucy Maud props for creating a subversively feminist book in 1908.

He thought it was a terrible idea for the girls to let Phillipa into Patty's Place, but she got on his good side when she told Anne she was an idiot for refusing Gilbert. After a whole book of referring to Gilbert as "numb nuts," MM stood by him and kept thinking up violent endings for Roy and Christine (many of which included punching). At the climactic moment, MM threw the horns for his homie, and rejoiced that love had found its way at last. (We can relate.)

I've read these books so many times, but reading them with my husband has been fantastic! He see things I've missed all these years. And the emotions and ideas hit me in fresh ways as he experiences them for the first time. His soul is moved by art, and I love getting to be a part of that with him. Loving the Cultural Exchange.

~ ~ ~

Oh! Speaking of our Cultural Exchange, we rented The Eagle has Landed, since we finished the book last week.


Seriously, seriously bad. I don't even want to waste blog space on this terrible movie, except to say that they completely missed the point of the book! Gah! Awful awful! I wish I knew someone in Hollywood and had lots of money, so that I could persuade them to remake it. (Gah!)

~ ~ ~

I'm late to the party, cuz this song has been covered by everyone and their mother for, like 30 years, but on Friday night, our friends showed us Craig Ferguson's cold open for the Paris show (and had a family dance party with their three year old - too cute!), and I've been humming this (and making up my own fake french lyrics) ever since.

Here's the wiki on the song.

~ ~ ~

The patch of daffodils in our back yard has busted out with sunshiney blooms. I'm going to gather some to mix in with my valentine bouquet. The almond and tulip and camellia trees have bloomed as well, and soon the azaleas will get in on the action.

MM and I have been talking through yard and garden plans for this year. We're starting easy with maintaining the existing flower beds, filling in some of the holes in the lumpy lawn, and doing something with the random strip of earth between the driveway and the oddly-shaped patio. (Seriously, it's like some weird trapezoid thing.) Just figuring that out and remembering to water should be enough for this year.

Item #467 on Things We Will Do When We Are Landlords - Have an automatic sprinkler system. This season of renting makes us keenly aware of all the little things that make life more difficult when using a house as a tool for living. We've lived in two houses that need serious updating.(Hello! Three-pronged outlets work best when the wires are actually grounded! Termites are not your friends! Mold is from the devil! Hey, windows that shut in the winter are awesome!)

And having lived in others' neglected houses, we hope to have the resources to adopt a "Do unto others" approach to landlording. We'd like to offer our tenants homes that are safe and hygienic and don't cost an arm and a leg in utilities, the kind of house WE would like to live in. And if the place comes with a lawn that WE want to stay green, we figure we should ensure that by having an automatic sprinkler that WE maintain.

In the meantime, it's off to Home Depot for hoses and sprinklers. (And pansies!)

~ ~ ~

Well, I've gone on long enough. Have a good one, folks.

~ ~ ~

* MM postulates that President's Day means we are celebrating all the presidents - good, bad, and ugly. So, I figured we should celebrate JFK by eating jelly donuts. Pretty much I just wanted to eat donuts one last time before giving up sugar for lent. ;)

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