winter fun

I swear I will get back to the advent/Christmas posts. Also, hello! It's 2012. Time to talk about this year's word.

Oh, and I have some rants saved up about how our culture uses fear to get women to buy products that don't help/harm themselves. (The people who sell your bras do not care if they fit you and support your health. The people who make your moisturizer will be happy to dry out your skin so that you will buy more and more. Afraid of looking old? Slather this stuff on! Cancer? What? Noooo. Look! Something shiny!)

But today, I'm just thankful. And peaceful. Today is not a day to rant. It is a day to look out at another impossibly blue, glorious, sunshiny sky, and - even though we desperately need rain - smile out thanks and drink in that beauty, because soon, all will be dark and grey and wet. So - some things:

~ ~ ~

MM gave me birthday money, and I bought four much-needed sweaters. ON SALE! (Seriously, three of them were only $4.99 a piece!) I don't buy clothes for myself very often. (Another post for another day.) And I seriously need a wardrobe overhaul. I don't know if its middle age, or married weight, or what, but I've put on some poundage. All my old (way old, piling, stained, shrunken) sweaters are tooooo small. So I didn't like wearing them. Blegh! Even layered I'd tug, tug, pull, stretch - maybe cuss a little.

Our house is old. And drafty. And our heater doesn't really work. And I'm always freezing. And I hated wearing my sweaters. Felt gross in them. MM and I have had some talks lately about him wanting me to feel beautiful. (Yet another post for another day.) He doesn't want me to have to choose between comfort/practical and beautiful. He enjoys the way I look, and it makes him sad that I feel ugly most of the time. (It will be quite a post.)

So. New sweaters. They are warm, warm, warm in this drafty old house. And fit me. And they are cozy, soft, and pretty. And, did I mention warm? Oh, yum! It's literally freezing today, and I am toasty. I look like an ad for hot cocoa. Or whatever it is that skiers drink when they sit by the fire back at the lodge.

~ ~ ~

We broke our bed. Twice. Well. I don't know if we broke it so much, as it just broke. (Although we like to tell everyone we broke it. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) We have a ginormous, extra-high Cal King, and the little legs on the inside of the frame that hold the center of the box springs gave out. (Soft wood, and elevator bolts extended way to far to provide real support.)

It was kind of fun, in some ways, b/c we got to camp out in the living room on the blowup mattress. For a couple days we piled up our whole living room with quilts and comforters and pillows and books. Took a couple of excellent naps and read a ton.

But - I got a neck ache, and MM's pillows kept sliding off, and it was freaking cold. Wow. So, despite not having optimal tools - MM constructed and installed three new hardwood legs and repaired the other two (with some creative supports placed under the elevator bolts so they don't have to extend fully.) Five legs and tightened screws and bolts all around - so far so good.

The whole time I've just been thankful. For the giant, original, broken bed. For having a blowup mattress. For having tons of blankets and comforters and long johns to offset the cold. For a husband to repair the bed. For friends who helped out with tools. For the chance to camp in the living room (it's not quite a fort, but close.) For the great naps and the hours spent reading together. And for the newly repaired bed.. There are people who sleep alone on the cold ground in the dead of winter. I've got it so, so good.

~ ~ ~

I'm trying to create something each day. This was today's creation.

Happy Tuesday, folks.


  1. your hat hat/snowflake mobile made me smile. so did your bed story. wink.wink. nudge. nudge. lol. thanks. i needed that today.

  2. :) I'm glad it made you smile. Hey, speaking of winter fun, let's go ice skating soon.


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