thursdaybook - undone

For today I am

Seeing... Cloudy skies, heavy with rain. At last!... Candles flickering in mason jars... Bright yellow and orange gerbera daisies that practically glow in this new, overcast light...

Hearing... The kitchen clock ticking... a faucet dripping somewhere (gotta go see to that)... Blackie the Space Heater clinking and hissing... distant freeway noise... soon, rain, I hope...

Tasting... Black tea. Back on my tea/water alternating throughout the day.

Working... Oh, Scary Wedding Room aka Guest Room, I will organize you yet. See if I don't! Also, want to wrestle Giant Pile of Paperwork to the ground. I need some kind of world heavyweight belt...

Reading... The Fourth Bear. :) Dude, I love Jasper Fforde. This weekend I read Mindy Kaling's book. Cute and funny. She sounds like such a sweet girl. Lives in Hollywood and calls her mom every day. I want to email her and tell her that marriage does rock, and to not give up on that dream in the midst of wounded cynics.

Learning... Hmmm. I want to study something, but keep lollygagging on this. This weekend MM and I are doing our beginning of the year "retreat" where we think about this coming year and figure out what we want to do. This weekend I will come up with some kind of game plan. (See if I don't!)

Creating... Yesterday I created a happy me by taking a long, soaky afternoon bath. Today, I think I'm going to work on a knitting project. (In between all the organizing and wrestling, of course.) (I kind of suck as a knitter.)

Dreaming... Doing some pre-thinking for this weekend. I'm also having fun planning out little surprises for MM for Valentines Day, his birthday, and St. George's Day (April 23).

Pondering... The Old Man vs. the New Man... The renewing of a mind... "Behold, I make all things new."... How Life can emerge from chaos and darkness and nothingness... How the oppressed and enslaved can truly be set free... How those who have been abused, neglected, pushed around, beaten down and broken, hearts and minds shattered, soul-wounds raw and bleeding, can be healed, soothed, comforted, and made strong again. Like new... Freaking. Amazing.

Thankful for... Sweaters... candles... the coming rain... MM who is spoiling me rotten for my birthday week, with sweaters, champagne and dessert, flowers, fancy chocolate, a home-made dinner on Friday, and breakfast out Saturday, and words that shine light and joy into my soul. I can hardly take it in. How the heck did I get here? Grace upon grace, and I am undone.

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